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Logistics & 3PL

Logistics and 3PL organizations around the world rely on Infor to help them create differential value for their customers, while increasing supply chain agility, velocity, and resiliency. Here are just some of the challenges that we help these businesses confront every day.

Constantly shifting market demands

Evolving consumer expectations increase complexity and stress supply chains.

New logistics/3PL competitors

Driving a digital strategy can be a difficult transformation for legacy players.

Omni-channel complexity

Fulfilling all possible channels requires sophisticated processes and systems.

Supply chain disruptions

A resilient supply chain is essential when dealing with the unexpected.

Talent shortage

Processes for recruiting and retaining staff must cater to a digital workforce.

Solutions for your most critical challenges

Logistics and 3PLs organizations increase productivity, refine decision-making, improve the customer experience and more with Infor solutions.

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Differentiate through innovative, value-added services that help customers run their business better

  • Offer value-added services, such as PO and origin consolidation management
  • Create a globally visible, end-to-end control layer
  • Enable a network that connects the entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Use intelligence-driven insight to create tighter and more reliable ETAs
  • Control the pace and precision of innovation for customer-tailored solutions

Improve productivity and streamline processes

Achieve operational excellence across the supply chain

  • Leverage supply chain visualization and collaboration to increase efficiencies
  • Create proactive/prescriptive processes from IoT and AI
  • Create greater value for customers via collaboration and orchestration capabilities
  • Become more agile and ready to overcome supply chain disruptions
  • Leverage data driven-insights to discover new business opportunities

Gain insight and improve decision-making

Mine value from rapidly expanding data from across multiple sources

  • Achieve complete visibility of all global, ocean container moves
  • Gain insight from management dashboards and analytics
  • Create a core carrier management program driven by carrier scorecards and analyses
  • Achieve accurate and timely events statuses, milestones, and visibility
  • Improve procurement and contract management efficiencies

Deliver next-gen WMS for contract logistics

Manage inventory for multiple customers in the same warehouse

  • Enable flexible allocation strategies
  • Use 3D visualizations to see workflows, bottlenecks, and risks
  • Improve order accuracy and shipping efficiency
  • Reduced travel time for operators by 10–20% using interleaving
  • Enable voice capabilities for better control, convenience, and efficiency

Enable a connected workforce

Apply a data-driven model to improve hiring and workforce development

  • Tie performance to talent and business strategies
    Recruit a skilled workforce to accelerate digital transformation
  • Leverage objective data to identify talent and maximize retention and development
  • Align long-term workforce planning with short-term forecasts and scheduling
  • Utilize labor management to schedule labor based on skills and resources

Productivity by the numbers


increase in warehouse labor productivity


increase in asset productivity


reduction in transaction cost per shipment


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