Infor Converged Commerce

Infor Converged Commerce

Retail beyond omni-channel

One solution for many challenges: Infor Converged Commerce

Today’s shopping journey involves many different paths. To keep up with customer activities—from exploration, comparison, and consideration to purchase and even posting reviews—retailers strive for unified solutions. But patchwork attempts to integrate disparate systems in the pursuit of “omni” create system fragility while leaving data silos—which leaves you, as a retailer, still playing catch-up.

Infor Converged Commerce is the first solution to take a holistic approach to the challenges facing modern retailers and offer not many systems, but one, next-generation system designed to unify all commerce channels and synchronize valuable information.

Infor Converged Commerce at a glance

  • Real-time views of customer, product, inventory, and purchase history data
  • Intelligent order management
  • Unified price and promotion management
  • Integration to payment processing systems
  • Self-service analytics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built for the cloud

End-to-end engagement

With one set of product information, one set of prices and promotions, one set of customer data, and one set of inventory counts, this next-generation platform supports the cross-channel orders that customers demand while keeping costs in check, enabling you to:

Streamline processes
Streamline processes

Providing a single point of integration to existing systems and edge applications you use today, the platform’s Omni-channel Hub centralizes data and services. Manage all touch points for product info, pricing, tax calculation, and more through an intuitive interface, without requiring employees to duplicate efforts.

Improve brand interactions
Improve brand interactions

Drag-and-drop design tools allow you to easily tailor digital interactions at every step—with marketing capabilities built in. Present a consistent experience to customers, employees, and influencers across mobile, web, and in-store channels, strengthening your brand voice and fostering loyalty.

Put your data to work
Put your data to work

With real-time views of customer activity, order history, product availability, and promotions, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of customers across your enterprise and use the data you collect to optimize content and power the system’s intelligent recommendation engine.

“For a lifestyle retailer, it’s really about the combination of the digital and physical experience customers are getting. You want that experience to be the best one possible. This solution allows our teams to do that in a way that we’ve never had before.” 
Rory Hudson VP IT, Zumiez

Stay modern in the cloud

The platform is designed to run in a secure, tested cloud infrastructure, leveraging the latest open-source technologies wherever possible.

A fully scalable solution

The solution’s cost-effective, elastic approach allows your organization to scale up or down without requiring heavy IT involvement.

Solution components

Infor Rhythm for Commerce: Stores

Why stick with an outdated point-of-sale register when you can switch to mobile-first replacement that handles fixed checkout wraps, mobile clienteling, and mobile POS? This next-generation solution currently serves iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices of various forms to non-grocery retailers with 50-1000 stores. With full-support for in-store purchases as well as ordered products and services, including tax and various payment types, Infor Rhythm for Commerce: Stores is intuitive and engaging for users and consumers alike.

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Infor Rhythm for Commerce: B2C

As shoppers expect more personalization and tailored interactions online, their activities unfortunately are often too fragmented for retailers to gain a holistic view of relevant in-store activity, order and call center history, and social media habits. Infor Rhythm for Commerce: B2C allows the retailer to create and manage personalized experiences through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and serve all customer touch points from a single platform.

Networked order management

Infor Networked Order Management is a cloud-native distributed order management solution that powers omni-channel retail.  Complex order orchestration, enterprise inventory visibility, networked supply chains, optimized fulfillment and replenishment, and efficient customer service capabilities enable retailers to profitably meet the commerce demands of today's always-on, everywhere consumer.

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Infor Rhythm for Commerce: Store Fulfillment

This solution is designed to handle execution of two increasingly common transaction types: retailers that are taking advantage of their physical presence by allowing customers to order online and pickup in the store; and businesses using their stores are warehouses from which products can be sourced and shipped. With Store Fulfilment, employees receive automated notification to pick products and either set them aside for pickup, or print shipping labels for shipment, with the ability to code unfulfilled requests and communicate issues efficiently. This product works with the other Infor Rhythm for Commerce products—or can be integrated to run with your existing point of sale system.

Infor Store Inventory Management

In an omni-channel world, store inventory accuracy takes on a whole new level of importance. Today’s demanding shoppers simply will not accept failure to deliver on the promise of availability. Moreover, only through the assurance of accurate store inventory can the store gain insight into how successfully its individual locations follow through on omni-channel initiatives. With real-time views of allocations, orders, and deliveries, Infor Store Inventory Management allows retailers to confidently offer shoppers immediate access to or fulfillment of merchandise from anywhere in their enterprise.

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Service center

Service customers with inquiry handling across channels. Answer questions related to order modification and inventory availability, and authorize customer care representatives to submit replacement orders or partial cancellations.