Infor Converged Commerce

Infor Converged Commerce

Retail beyond omni-channel

Fully featured POS for next generation Retail customer experience

Today’s shopping journey involves many different paths. To keep up with customer activities—from exploration, comparison, and consideration, to purchase and even posting reviews—retailers strive for unified solutions. But patchwork attempts to integrate disparate systems can create system fragility while leaving behind data silos—which leaves you, as a retailer, still playing catch-up.

Infor Converged Commerce Suite is a unified selling platform deployed as a fully featured point of sale. This cloud-based, natively mobile software includes built-in offline and omni-channel capabilities to bring you a modern, differentiated customer experience.

Converged Commerce Retail POS at a glance

  • Mobile POS Software built for the cloud
  • Real-time views of customer, product, inventory, and purchase history data
  • Unified price and promotion management
  • Integration to payment processing systems
  • Self-service analytics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built for the cloud


Deliver a truly modern customer experience

Infor’s Converged Commerce Suite gives store associates the data, tools, and process support they need to meet modern customer expectations in today’s digital world. The system provides customer-centric profile views, endless aisle shopping, inventory visibility, and flexible options for fulfillment and delivery.

IT simplification and innovation delivery

Cloud-based architecture solves hardware, software, security, and general IT management complexities, speeding the pace of innovation, and paving the way for more cost-effective upgrades, support, and maintenance.

Omni-channel commerce

Capture lost sales and expand transaction value with built-in omni-channel capabilities including endless aisle shopping, chain-wide product visibility and location, and a variety of fulfillment options.

Rich, real-time data

Real-time views of customer activity, order history, product availability, and transaction data provide a comprehensive understanding of customers and a rich base of data to help you analyze and optimize the customer experience.

“For a lifestyle retailer, it’s really about the combination of the digital and physical experience customers are getting. You want that experience to be the best one possible. This solution allows our teams to do that in a way that we’ve never had before.” 
Rory Hudson VP IT, Zumiez

Stay modern in the cloud

Infor Converged Commerce Suite brings retailers a powerful, secure cloud platform with usage-based SaaS delivery.

A fully scalable solution

The solution’s cost-effective, elastic approach supports offline selling and scalability with a hybrid cloud architecture, allowing you to make upgrades on a regular basis.


Infor Engage Point of Sale is a unified customer engagement and selling platform, deployed as cash register or mobile point of sale. The solution is a next-generation POS that includes a fully-featured point of sale, assisted selling, and omni-channel ordering capabilities. It’s built for the cloud, natively mobile, and supports offline capabilities.

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Promote is a cloud-based omni-channel promotions management and execution platform. Retailers can easily create a complex array of promotions, distribute promotions to commerce solutions on an omni-channel basis, and utilize the price and promotion execution engine to execute promotions with full visibility, reporting, and analytics.

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Infor Store Inventory Management is a cross-platform, cloud-native, mobile application designed to improve inventory accuracy and support in-store omni-channel efficiency. Streamlined and easy-to-use shipment receipts, transfers, and inventory counting and adjustment systems ensure inventory accuracy. This, in turn, improves everything from in-stocks and sales, to allocation and replenishment, and enhances confidence in omni-channel process commitments.

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Store Fulfillment is a cross-platform, cloud-native, mobile application designed to support store-based omni-channel fulfillment. Real time OMS integration and robust picking, packing, in-store pickup, and ship-from-store features enable efficient omni-channel operations—allowing retailers to leverage store inventory for orders and optimize chain-wide inventory utilization.

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Infor Networked Order Management is a cloud-native distributed order management solution that powers omni-channel retail. Complex order orchestration, enterprise inventory visibility, networked supply chains, optimized fulfillment and replenishment, and efficient customer service capabilities enable retailers to profitably meet the commerce demands of today's always-on, everywhere consumer.

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The Omni-channel Hub is designed to maintain core retail data on products, orders, and promotions without being the system-of-record. The Omni-channel Hub allows retailers to leverage existing online systems, data, and services investment to drive in-store omni-channel assisted selling and order capabilities. Encapsulated enterprise process, order capture orchestration, and out-of-box integration for customer and order management takes the complexity out of cross-channel commerce.

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