Why are hotel amenity reservations and events management solutions more essential than ever?

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November 24, 2020

Hotel reservations software for dining and amenities and events management technology has played an integral role in the guest experience, most often behind the scenes. In this area of the business, the principle of “no one notices it until something goes wrong” has been pretty central. In our current era though, ensuring precision is integral to requirements relating to social distancing and prescribed capacity restrictions. The stakes are higher than ever. So, in what areas do hotel reservations software for dining and amenities and events management technology help leading hospitality organizations to win in a new paradigm? Here are a few key points to consider.

Use of hotel amenities with safety and health built in

The main goal when it comes to reservations of any kind is to make sure that every guest feels that their experience is special, unique, and not just one of many as a name and time on a list. This applies to the whole of their stay in their rooms, and is also applicable to booking times in spas, gyms, private lounges, and even pool times in the light of social distancing measures. Robust hospitality technology solutions help organizations manage the changing parameters to stay within required capacities in these kinds of spaces at any one time.

The same goes for hosting events in hotel function spaces and meeting rooms, making sure that there is a customizable and adaptable platform for helping hotels, resorts, and casinos to plan for socially distanced gatherings that are well within capacity restrictions. Making this easier and rolling out functionality to all locations so that the process is standardized to all kinds of spaces is a top priority when safety is such a high-profile a factor in creating comfort for guests while they make use of property amenities and event spaces.

Pressure taken off staff

It can be stressful for staff to keep track of reservations for amenities bookings and event hosting details at the best of times. The ideal that hospitality leaders have been working toward in the last few years has been to invest in technology that takes on more of the burdens of utility so that staff can better focus on guests. Once again, our recent times have made this more of an imperative than ever, even if focusing on guests is best done at a certain distance.

When the stakes are high, the goal to give everyone – staff and guests – a platform for better communications at any point in the process, clearer views of booking details and schedules, and fewer reasons to be concerned about compliance. This adds greater efficiency and means far less stress for everyone. During periods of transition when organizations are adapting to so many external factors that affect operations, putting the pressure on the software and not on location managers and their teams is just best practice.

Greater clarity on how to increase the value of every property

Under any conditions, keeping track of the kinds of uses and events that guests and event attendees have sought out is a powerful set of metrics by which to continually gauge success. In this era and in the next, adaptability and versatility will be the key factors to determine long-term resiliency for hospitality organizations. Having a single platform across the whole of an organization that helps to create a clearer picture for behaviors and preferences applied to property spaces and amenities informs more proactive strategies to adapting inventory aligned with emerging demand.

Data collection, analysis, and reporting based on reservations and event planning booking histories as integrated with hotel PMS plays an indispensable role to determine which spaces and corresponding events and activities present the most potential for profitability. For example, if the data reveals that temporary workspaces in surplus guest rooms is the clear winner, then developing more of them by dividing up larger spaces like ballrooms and convention halls that are not constantly in use due to capacity restrictions becomes a justifiable mandate. All while when utilizing hotel reservations software, organizations can more easily keep capacity and social distance in mind with a clearer view of their actual inventory and profitability potential.

Always looking to the future

Times are changing as they always have been. Leading hospitality organizations are leaning into that change by investing in hotel reservations software for amenities booking and event management technology to help them meet present and future challenges. This has impact on how easy it is to adapt and be resilient as one era switches over to another.

What other aspects must hotels, resorts, and casinos consider to remain resilient in the 2020s and beyond? We’ve created an in-depth resource that helps hospitality organizations understand the essentials of what is required for continuing success in a new era.

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