9 ways Infor Hospitality elevates guest experience while reducing staff burden

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Infor Hospitality cloud solutions deliver an enhanced guest experience while reducing the burden on your staff. Here are 9 ways hospitality automation helps hoteliers provide world-class guest services.

1. Know your guests and understand their needs. Personalized services result in the best guest experiences, but they require deep understanding of guest behavior, history, and preferences. The Infor Hospitality Management Solution connects the entire guest journey into a unified, frictionless experience, driven by guest-centric data.

2. Deliver the best in-the-moment offer in every channel. Whether guests book on your website, a loyalty app, or through an OTA, success depends on extending the right offer at the right time. An advanced and AI-driven hotel revenue management solution with pricing optimization automates this process and helps maximize occupancy and RevPAR.

3. Enable guests to customize their experience during booking. Consumers want full input into their experience. Present options such as room upgrades, amenity reservations, breakfast, and other customizable factors during booking. Guests should also be able to revise or add to their choices throughout their stay.

4. Unify and align operations. Guest satisfaction hinges on consistent quality service. A luxurious dining experience will be degraded by returning to a less-than-sparkling-clean hotel room. A unified operational ecosystem connects all areas of your business, providing staff and managers access to guest and operational information anywhere, anytime.

5. Reduce friction throughout the stay. Guests want fluidity and freedom throughout their journey. Wherever possible, give them control over whether they prefer to interact with staff or take advantage of self-service. For example, the ability to check in through a mobile app or lobby kiosk lets guests skip the line and reduces pressure on the front desk.


6. Allow guests to pay the way they want. Don’t miss out on revenue opportunities for lack of payment flexibility. Give guests the ability to choose how they want to pay, including credit cards, cash, digital payment apps, and mobile payment systems.

7. Extend guest experience to every corner of the property. Innovative mobile apps can help your staff delight guests whether they are in the lobby, at the pool or beach, on the golf course, or in the restaurant.

8. Empower staff on the go. Mobile hospitality technology should extend to employees. Associates can respond faster, with better information, when they use tablets or other portable devices to pull up guest information or access housekeeping, maintenance, and incident requests along with purchases, preferences, and bookings.

9. Plan events your guests won’t forget. Every space on your property can integrate into your overall revenue model. Sales and catering and events management solutions can help you monetize every square foot of your property. Combine your creativity with guest-centric data to plan classes, parties, and other events that keep guests returning for more.

Technology plays a critical role in our business. Our goal is to enable managers to have the right tools available to them so they can reduce administrative burdens and focus on delivering core business value and guest satisfaction.

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