Hispanic Heritage Month: Spotlight on Infor Nexus CSMs

heritage month

October 9, 2020

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, we are featuring employees with Q&A spotlights to learn more about our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues and how their identities influence their work here at Infor.

This week’s spotlight focuses on two of our Infor Nexus customer success managers, Nancy Bahamondes and Juan Benitez, whose charter is to nurture relationships to help provide the very best experience for our customers.

How has your multicultural identity shaped your career?

Nancy Bahamondes, Infor Nexus Customer Success Manager

Nancy: Being Latina goes beyond a surname or the color of your skin. It is to be bilingual and bicultural, having both feet very firm in this nation, but at the same time, one of them in the culture of the country of our ancestors.

As Latinos, we can live the American dream while remaining Latino. We all have a voice, and the important thing is to know how and when to use that voice—having and using that confidence in ourselves, to always be prepared for new opportunities. Education is the key to success in any profession. We should always help each other to succeed. This has always motivated me to be better at my job, to understand that, many times, the cultural differences are what makes our country and our world wonderful.

As CSMs, we are committed to ensuring our customers have the very best customer experience using our solutions. We build relationships and partnerships with our customers and their communities.

Juan Benitez, Infor Nexus Customer Success Manager

Juan: My Ecuadorian heritage shaped me to be outspoken and affirmative, with a passion for technology and helping others. As an Infor Nexus customer success manager, my role is to ensure our customers have a single point of contact for platform solution questions and system issues, and to also provide support with their partner onboarding initiatives. It’s important to keep an open line of communication, so I typically meet with them monthly, if not weekly. My team and colleagues also benefit from my technical knowledge and experience on their projects or with their customers, and I’m always happy to provide my insight.

Do you and your family celebrate any cultural traditions/customs?

Nancy: I identify with Bolivia, Spain, and Mexico. I also have immersed myself in Chilean culture and traditions, as my husband is Chilean. We feel it is important for our children to hold on to those traditions.

As a family of mixed Latino and Hispanic heritage, we celebrate the Independence Day of the following countries along with our July 4th in the US, by making each country’s most traditional dishes.

  • Bolivia, Aug 6
  • Mexico, Sept 16
  • Chile, Sept 18
  • Spain, Oct 12

Our family also celebrates more traditional holidays, such as All Saints’ Day (Todos Los Santos), Posada, Christmas, and ringing in the New Year.

Juan: My wife is Peruivan, and, as a mulitcultural family, we expose our daughters to both of our cultural festivals and customs when we can. We celebrate Ecuador’s and Peru’s Independence Days with our girls during local city parades. And at home, we teach our girls our family customs from Ecuador and Peru.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Nancy: The month-long observance is a way to celebrate and honor our heritage and the positive impact that Hispanic Americans, whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, contribute to our country.

Juan: Hispanic Heritage Month, for me, means recognizing Latino culture and embracing the cultural background of where you or your family originated/migrated from to the US. Personally, it is to remember my Ecuadorian culture and family customs that my family legacy exercised and celebrated.

Look for more employee features in the coming weeks on the Infor Blog.

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