Navigating cash and treasury: 6. Prepare for instant payments and build true cash visibility

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August 24, 2021By Byron Byrd

In the conclusion of our blog series, we’ll briefly review how following cash and treasury best practices can help your organization gain complete, real-time cash visibility and liquidity monitoring and a charge to launch your new payments infrastructure.

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Gain complete, real-time cash visibility and liquidity monitoring

In many parts of the world, intraday reporting happens less than twice per day. In some cases, it doesn’t happen at all, meaning that daily cash positioning is largely driven by prior-day reporting with the expectation of clearings throughout the day.

Modern technologies are available that address these issues by providing real-time or near-real-time data. Real-time bank reporting via APIs is changing how cash managers look to achieve instant cash visibility into accounts. Combined with real-time payments, corporate treasury can not only have real-time views into bank accounts, but also the ability to mobilize cash domestically—and eventually cross-border—within seconds.

Transforming to real-time reporting requires that corporate treasury employ the right processes and analysis to effectively manage cash information in real time.

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Cash and treasury: Prepare for instant payments and build true cash visibility

The paradigm shift can create significant cash and treasury issues for organizations that lack modern treasury technology; while organizations that are technologically enabled are much better positioned to respond to volatility and gain a competitive advantage in the utilization and deployment of cash.

Launch your new payments infrastructure

As our daily lives move at an increasingly quicker pace, people expect payments to move just as fast, even instantaneously. Now that the payments industry has an idea of what the initial capabilities will be, there are many steps industry participants can take to position themselves as drivers of innovation and successful builders of functionality that provide a strong foundation for innovation.

A significant goal of this ongoing dialogue and interaction is to establish a strong and reliable ecosystem that drives development of instant payment capabilities across the value chain. Now is the time to act.

If you would like to discover more about modern cash and treasury management best practices, we invite you to download this eBook on how to prepare for instant payments and build true cash visibility.

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