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June 20, 2024By Rahul Arora

Unlock the power of continuous learning with the Infor Campus Plus membership

We know that digital learning is now the preferred method of education for learners worldwide. It not only saves time but offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, accommodating diverse schedules and learning styles. Additionally, adapting to new technologies and skills is crucial for individuals and organizations in today's fast-paced environment.

This is where learning subscriptions come into play, providing continuous access to a wide range of up-to-date content and resources. Whether you are looking to sharpen technical skills, develop soft skills, or stay compliant with industry standards, learning subscriptions empower everyone to take charge of their growth.

Infor U harnesses the power of digital learning to offer continuous educational opportunities to organizations using Infor products, ensuring they have they skills required to be successful. With increased access to education, organizations immediately realize its value and how to use each product more efficiently and effectively.

This blog explores the value of the Infor Campus Plus membership and its benefits to an organization's learning journey with Infor products.

Infor Campus Plus membership: An ultimate digital learning solution

This 12-month membership provides unlimited access to on-demand product training, supporting the ongoing learning needs of your whole organization while serving as a cost-effective solution to advance your Infor product skills.

With Infor Campus Plus, your teams have the flexibility to engage with the content that best suits their needs. They can explore and engage with the on-demand content at their own pace and convenience with no limitations on the number of eLearning and Self-directed Learning courses they can access. This flexibility allows them to prioritize topics based on their interests and learning goals.

Key advantages of the Infor Campus Plus membership:

Benefit #1: Develop and sustain skills with the latest content

With unlimited access to on-demand content, your teams are always equipped with the latest materials, including newly launched courses and learning experiences. Each learner can develop and maintain their skills by revisiting the courses as many times as they like, reinforcing their understanding and use of Infor products.

Benefit #2: Flexibility to consume at your own pace

We understand that each learner is unique, and the variety of our on-demand learning options included with Infor Campus Plus caters to all learning preferences, whether your teams need to quickly learn a specific topic or dive deep into a specific product area, there are eLearning courses for quick learning needs while the Self-directed courses, featured workbooks, and task simulations provide real-time educational experiences.

Benefit #3: Curated learning paths for each role and industry

Infor U Campus offers easy access to on-demand content and interactive reporting, guiding each learner through learning paths curated by industry, domain, product line, and roles.

Benefit #4: Interactive onboarding and ongoing communications

At the beginning of the Infor Campus Plus membership, learners participate in interactive onboarding sessions. These sessions provide direct access to experts who can answer their questions and offer guidance to maximize their learning potential.

Furthermore, everyone receives regular communications including a monthly newsletter with timely updates on new courses, certifications, release training, and other exciting learning experiences as soon as they are available.

Elevate your learning with the Infor Campus Plus membership

Infor Campus Plus offers a superior learning experience to help meet the educational needs of organizations and individuals, providing access to a variety of assets at your fingertips across Infor products:

  • Course workbooks
  • On-demand content (eLearning, Self-directed Learning, recordings, etc.)
  • Access to instructor-monitored online communities
  • Discount on Certification Exams

With Infor Campus Plus, your organization will always be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to use Infor products as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is a perfect solution to hone your product knowledge and skills.

If you have any questions or wish to gain more insight into the Infor Campus Plus membership, please contact InforU.Support@infor.com.

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