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Benefits related to Multi-tenant Cloud Customer Bill of Rights

Below are benefits related to the Infor Multi-tenant Cloud Customer Bill of Rights. These benefits apply only with respect to Infor-proprietary Subscription Software hosted by Infor in a multi-tenant environment. References to “Customer” below refer to the entity contracting for Subscription Services from Infor under an Order Form. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms are defined in such Order Form or the Agreement governing the Order Form. The benefits below are subject to change in Infor’s discretion.


WHAT: Customer may request a swap between any eligible Infor products. Eligible Infor products are limited to Infor-proprietary multi-tenant products that have been used (subscribed to) by Customer for at least twelve months prior to the effective date of the swap. Third party products are excluded. Swaps will be memorialized in a mutually signed Order Form documenting a reduction in subscription quantity of an eligible product (the “Swapped Product”) and an increase in subscription quantity of another eligible product.

WHEN: A swap may only occur once per year and will be effective on the subscription anniversary date for the Swapped Product. The request for a swap must be made at least 90 days prior to such anniversary date.

HOW: Customer should make a swap request directly to its Infor Account Executive. Account Executive contact information can be found in the Customer profile in Infor Concierge. In the event the Infor Account Executive cannot be reached, a ticket requesting swap assistance may be logged via Infor Concierge. Infor will assist in determining which products are eligible for swap, and at what ratio the products can be exchanged (based on relative value as reasonably determined by Infor). The product swap will not become effective until Customer and Infor sign an Order Form memorializing the exchange. In no event will a swap transaction reduce the aggregate Annual Subscription Fees payable to Infor.


WHAT: Clear and transparent pricing is provided up front for the following usage-based Customer rights:

  1. Storage: Upon Customer’s request by submitting a support ticket via Infor Concierge, Infor will provide available information about storage consumption. Storage usage takes into account all environments, including the production and all non-production environments. Additional storage can be purchased in 1 terabyte (TB) increments, for a minimum one-year term. The current price per TB of storage is USD$10,000 annually.
  2. Additional Non-production Environments: Customers can subscribe to additional non-production environments (e.g., for training) for a minimum 6-month term. The current price per non-production environment is USD$24,000 annually.
  3. Programmatic Access: Programmatic access refers to the interaction between Infor products and third party programs for the purposes of automation, systematic workflow(s), third-party connectivity, or extensibility. Programmatic access may be enabled by leveraging the Infor OS service, and is priced based on volume throughput. Current pricing for usage of the Infor OS service can be seen here The Infor OS service is priced separately from subscription fees for users to access Subscription Software.

WHEN: Requests for additional usage rights can be made at any time. Customers are encouraged to plan ahead for any increased use of the three items noted above.

HOW: Customer may make requests for additional usage rights directly through its Infor Account Executive. Account Executive contact information can be found in the Customer profile in Infor Concierge. In the event the Infor Account Executive cannot be reached, a ticket requesting purchase assistance may be logged in Infor Concierge.

Ease and Speed of Obtaining Support

WHAT: With respect to Severity 1 infrastructure outage and production system issues, Customer shall receive 24x7x365 Support, with response times within 30 minutes from Infor’s receipt of an appropriately logged request for Support.

Upon the occurrence of a Severity 1 Incident (service is unavailable for all users in production, or a critical business process in production has halted with no acceptable workarounds).

Incidents must be logged into Infor Concierge. Response time will be calculated from the time a Severity 1 Incident is appropriately logged into Infor Concierge and the time of Infor’s first value-added
communication. A value-added communication may include, without limitation, requests for
additional information, the collection of error logs, findings from initial issue triage, a timeline for
next steps, or providing existing information from the Support Knowledge Base.


With respect to Availability of Subscription Software hosted in a multi-tenant product environment, if the Availability falls below 99.7% for any month, Infor shall apply service level credits based on the actual availability measure for the applicable period as follows:


99.700% or greater

99.699% - 99.000%

98.999% - 98.500%

98.499% - 95.000%

Below 95.000%

Service Level Credit

No Service Level Credit

5% of the monthly prorated subscription fee

15% of the monthly prorated subscription fee

25% of the monthly prorated subscription fee

35% of the monthly prorated subscription fee

Service level credits for Subscription Fees paid on an annual basis shall be based on a monthly equivalent fee. For example, a 5% service level credit on an annual subscription fee shall be 5% of 1/12 of the annual subscription fee. Service level credits shall be applied to Customer’s next Subscription Fees invoice or, if Customer has paid the final invoice under this Agreement, service level credits shall be paid to Customer within thirty (30) calendar days following the determination that the credit is due. The foregoing remedies are the exclusive remedies and are in lieu of all other remedies for Availability falling below 99.7%. The service level credits above supersede any service level credits available under the Agreement.