EzRMS revenue management software (RMS)

Maximize profits with automated forecasts across multiple properties with innovative algorithms
EzRMS revenue management software (RMS) Resources

Maximize revenue and profits with deep AI learning

An intelligent and advanced hotel revenue management solution should continually connect your organization to where the market is and where it's going, with precision and agility. Up-to-the-minute data pulled from various sources and powered by dynamic machine learning helps drive decision-making. With these tools, your hotel revenue managers will be empowered to form strategies based on accurate revenue forecasting to support your business challenges, goals, and key KPIs. You’ll be better equipped to keep your eye on what success looks like as the hotel industry landscape continues to evolve.

Infor® EzRMS is a powerful hotel revenue management software solution that automatically calculates demand and revenue forecasts, while recommending appropriate selling strategies. Deep-learning algorithms dynamically recognize patterns to ensure optimal and accurate business forecasts, pricing, and selling strategies to maximize yield and profit.

Intelligent revenue management

Respond to market patterns with greater agility using a dynamic, science-based approach

Optimized forecast strategy

Integrate with other systems for simultaneous roll-out to all channels

Analytics and reporting

Connect teams across departments with emerging trends

Optimization beyond guest rooms

Optimize guest rooms, as well as group sales, function spaces, and more

Multiple property types

Support hotel, resort, casino, long-term stay, event, independent, and corporate properties


Easily monitor and manage strategies via mobile devices
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Customer success

Leadership at Accor Hotels explain the vital partnership with Infor that helps drives their success during a period of emerging cultural and technology shifts.
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Science-based predictive algorithms to track market trends

Automatically pull data from internal and external sources to recognize emerging market pattens that help drive smarter decision-making.

  • Improve accuracy
  • Decrease manual-based demands on users
  • Increase team focus on strategy and long-term planning
hotel revenue management software solution forecasting UI screenshot

Accurate forecasting and optimization

Intelligently calculate the right details at the right time with the right set of criteria.

  • Calculate demand, average daily rate, all revenues, arrivals/departures
  • Integrate with other essential systems, such as property management systems, central reservation systems, and channel managers
  • Apply forecasting and strategy to all active channels simultaneously
Revenue management software for hotels analytics reports UI

Granular and always-current analytics

Leverage a common framework across the organization, along with customization for individual users for detail and flexibility.

  • Share reports
  • Examine insights across departments
  • Turn collected business data into practical and profitable market strategy
  • Align strategically
hotels revenue management forecasting UI screenshot

Tactical value to long-term strategy

Plan for the best possible business outcomes for long-term strategy.

  • Support contracted businesses, such as group sales, online and physical travel agencies, long-stay guests, and more
  • Maximize returns by informing teams which business strategy to follow at the ideal time

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