Infor Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Real-time data flows to improve manufacturing productivity, quality and agility

One integrated MES solution for manufacturing operations management

Infor MES* formerly known as Lighthouse Systems (Shopfloor-Online) delivers the right information at the right time to everyone on the shop floor, driving greater efficiency and quality in manufacturing execution and output throughout the enterprise.

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New product release features

Infor MES system supports manufacturers in meeting their challenges, across discrete and process industries, with an application designed for operators first, and continuously evolving to improve their competitive advantage.

Standard integrations with Infor CloudSuites
These out-of-the-box integrations accelerate time-to-value to deliver accurate inventory data in real-time and improve traceability.

  • Inventory: Bi-directional inventory integrations with Infor MES are now available for Infor CloudSuites (LN and M3) to manage, consume and create inventory (finished and semi-finished) in MES. 
  • Assembly orders: CloudSuite IE and CloudSuite Automotive users now benefit from the standard bi-directional integration to execute Line Station orders as planned in ERP.

Gen AI
In this release, the MES system introduces Gen AI to further improve decision making:

  • Instant analysis of manufacturing data grid.
  • Daily email updates sent to your inbox about important changes or abnormalities in manufacturing operations.
  • The solution can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Improving quality and reducing waste with the MES system
This release brings three enhancements:

  • For roll, sheet and cable manufacturing, roll maps track defects across layers and distances.
  • For operations with by-products of a primary manufacturing process, Infor MES enables the creation of by-products as fully traceable inventory. 
  • When quality control requires quality sampling, the MES solution enables operators to take and label samples from the production line for analysis in the lab, streamlining the process and enhancing traceability.

Key capabilities

Digital transformation

Digitize all manufacturing operations, integrate with ERP, automate data collection for real-time visibility and better decision-making.

Empower shop floor users

Guide operators through the process, provide real-time control to improve reactivity and efficiency.

Improved operational performance

Standardize business processes to prevent losses, reduce waste, improve quality.

24/7 resilience

Provide 24/7 operational resilience, for “always-on” operations, to multi-tenant Cloud ERP.

Enterprise solution

Multi-site roll-out enables Enterprise-wide visibility of performance with global reporting.

Fast time-to-value

Out-of-the-box solution, requiring close to zero customisation.

Delivering value for customers across industries

Read success stories about Infor MES leading to remarkable improvements in manufacturing efficiency and quality

MES system functionality infographic

MES software functionality

Support a wide range of processes across discrete, assembly, process/batch manufacturing.

  • Manage all production, inventory, quality and maintenance operations
  • Enable detailed inventory management and instant bi-directional traceability
  • Low code to easily add connections to machines, lines, add assets and create visual dashboards
MES system on mobile phone

Visual and intuitive

Empower users with all the information they need on one screen. 

  • Pre-configured role-based dashboards
  • Visual prompts to guide operators
  • Touch-screen friendly
MES solution reporting and analytics dashboard

Reporting and analytics

All of the data recorded in Infor MES is accessible through user-configurable reports.

  • All standard KPIs pre-configured (e.g., OEE, schedule adherence, FTTQ, etc.)
  • Hundreds of reports available as standard
  • Global reporting functionality for multi-site performance analysis 
MES integration in your environment


Create the intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise

  • Integrate all critical systems to support better decision-making across the business, manufacturing and engineering teams.
  • Leverage rich MES data in Infor AI and ML to accelerate productivity gains and innovation.

Productivity by the numbers

OEE rate at large packaging company
on-time delivery at a high-pressure laminate world-leader
quality measurements/vehicle captured automatically drive production trials time down by 50% at an automotive OEM
Because of the visibility it provides on operations, Infor MES is opening doors on opportunities for improvement projects which were unthinkable in the past when we had a manual system in place.

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