Supply Chain Management

Connect your entire supply chain network with Infor Supply Chain Management cloud software

The intelligent supply chain

Infor supply chain management products provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning, to execution, to connecting with your entire network of trading partners. Designed for industry, this comprehensive set of supply chain software provides a solution to help run your end-to-end operations, no matter where you’d like to start.

Solutions for each stage of the journey

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Procure-to-Pay Automation
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Management
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Supply Chain solution automates processes

Intelligent supply chain applications automate key processes from planning, through execution, to final settlement. Advanced algorithms, optimization engines, and machine learning connect digital information about the supply chain to the physical world, helping businesses make better decisions.

Modern architecture, built for the cloud

Infor supply chain management applications are built with usability, scalability, and interconnectivity in mind. Engineered with modern architecture and deployed in the cloud, these Infor solutions grow with your business, powering digital transformation and multi-enterprise connectivity along the way.

The largest network

When 80% of your supply chain data lives with your trading partners, one-to-one information sharing models don't work. Infor solutions connect thousands of buyers, suppliers, banks, carriers, and 3PLs on a single, powerful, cloud-based platform that supports more than $500 billion in annual commerce.


Supply Chain Management Suite

Supply Chain Planning

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is a powerful end-to-end platform that balances supply and demand to optimize inventory, service, and performance across the supply chain. Businesses can tap into solutions for Demand Planning and Sensing, Supply Planning, Production Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

  • Production, supply, and replenishment planning
  • Configurable scenario and segmentation analyses
  • End-to-end response planning
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Demand Management

Powered by machine learning, Demand Management brings precision to every point of the retail and fashion supply chain with A.I. that can sense, predict, and fulfill demand based on real-time market data.Infused with the latest innovations in data science, this powerful demand planning platform provides a modern and sophisticated approach to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for retail and fashion logistics
  • End-to-end support for assortment, planning, pricing, supply chain, and custom processes
  • Seamless integration with Infor GT Nexus
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Network Supply Management

Supply Management allows buyers to share and collaborate with multiple tiers of suppliers on plans, forecasts, and commitments on the network, improving responsiveness to dynamic demand. With faster collaboration and automated alerts, companies can proactively balance supply and demand to improve on-time delivery rates and reduce cycle times while simultaneously reducing inventory costs.

  • Multi-party and multi-tier collaboration
  • Track forecast and order performance
  • Supplier packing, labeling, and ASN automation
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Procure-to-Pay Automation

The Infor GT Nexus network streamlines the procure-to-pay process and creates a single version of the truth across ERPs and other disparate systems. By automating document creation as well as order management and collaboration, businesses can generate cleaner, more compliant transactions, reducing costs, and improving supplier performance.

  • Automated document matching and invoice approval
  • End-to-end automation, including payment
  • Integrated chargeback management
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Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility on the Infor GT Nexus network provides a real-time picture of where inventory is, when it will arrive, and how the supply chain is performing. Participants across multiple functions access a single platform that combines updates from supply chain partners with sensor data to provide visibility, from source to customer delivery.

  • More accurate ETAs
  • Greater supply chain velocity
  • Improved order delivery and service
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Network Transportation Management

Infor’s enterprise transportation solution helps businesses manage multiple partners and service providers around the world with transparency and oversight, from origin until delivery to the final customer. Monitor and manage shipping activities across business units, geographies, and multiple modes to transform customer experience and intelligently leverage your freight spend.

  • Freight spend visibility
  • Logistics collaboration
  • Faster disruption response
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CloudSuite™ WMS

CloudSuite WMS is an intuitive solution designed to let you manage distribution center activities holistically. It combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis in a unified application.

  • Holistic multi-site warehousing
  • Deploy on-premises or in the cloud
  • Modern UX
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Networked Order Management

Infor Networked Order Management is a cloud-native distributed retail order management software that powers complex order orchestration, networked global retail supply chains, enterprise inventory visibility, fulfillment and replenishment, and customer service capabilities for today's always-on, everywhere consumer.

  • Single source of enterprise inventory availability and risk analysis
  • Mixed delivery options
  • Returns management
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Supply Chain Finance

Infor Supply Chain Finance is a networked approach to buyer-supplier-finance-provider relationships that uses data to enable new, innovative financing programs that free up working capital while benefiting everyone involved. It enhances collaboration across the supply chain, improving supplier cashflow and rates, while helping buyers improve supplier outcomes.

  • Secure brand value
  • Strengthen financial relationships in the supply chain
  • Improve working capital
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