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Delivering an exceptional customer experience for healthcare foodservice organizations requires more than just great food and quick service. Today’s businesses must also protect user data, efficiently deploy resources, provide innovative ways to engage customers, and more. Built specifically for organizations that serve food in healthcare facilities, Infor® POS for Hospitals & Healthcare represents integrated point of sale technology that helps you achieve these vital KPIs, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Our cloud-based point of sale solution is designed for the 24/7 nature of the hospital and healthcare foodservice industry. Connecting to powerful menu management, configuration, and reporting tools, Infor POS offers a range of hardware options to meet the needs of medical staff and visitors in a spectrum of healthcare food and beverage concepts. Whether it’s hospital cafeterias, coffee shops, or snack areas, Infor POS users get an intuitive experience that promotes increased efficiency, security, and cost-effective operations.

Gain clarity of transactional data

Healthcare professionals and hospital visitors expect quick, efficient, and accurate food and beverage services. Infor’s user-friendly POS equips food service staff with an intuitive and responsive solution for meeting the evolving expectations of consumers.

And more than just a means to efficiently process food and beverage transactions, Infor POS is a cloud-based solution that connects revenue centers together to create clarity of transactional data, better inform strategy, and lead to greater profitability. Whether your business is a single property or multiple locations or concepts, your operations management can get a more precise view of the business and apply practical actions that contribute to greater profitability.

Remove data silos

Every transaction for meals, drinks, and snacks represents valuable data that can help you create greater efficiencies and maximize revenue. With Infor POS, you can centralize transactions across revenue centers and locations, combining data sets to form a complete picture that removes data silos and increases business intelligence. Tap into a stable, secure, and scalable point of sale that allows your healthcare foodservice organization to produce the best possible results through more accurate pricing, menu details, specials, and other essentials.

Keep your key decision makers connected to vital data and business trends to drive fast, insightful action.

Create a satisfying customer experience

Ensuring that food servers and guests alike can process orders quickly, regardless of their respective skill levels, is an important component of efficient food service operations. Infor POS offers a modern and intuitive interface that quickly orients users of all abilities and capacities—reducing potential errors and creating a fast, efficient, and frustration-free experience for everyone.

To enable greater speed, accuracy, and operational flexibility around the ordering process in a food services setting, Infor POS includes an in-house KDS solution to ensure great communications between those who place orders, and your service and kitchen staff who fulfill them. This helps to ensure that orders are right every time.

For mobile orders that help customers skip the line, in-solution module OrderNow enables hospital staff and visitors to access your menus and place orders on their personal devices via QR code scan. OrderReady is an SMS-based function of the module that lets them know that their meals and snacks are available for pickup, right on time. It’s all a part of a smooth process to provide the best possible hospital and healthcare food services in step with the evolving expectations of new generations of consumers who expect greater flexibility and control over their ordering journey.

Serve multiple usage scenarios

Infor POS is available in multiple hardware options to serve a variety of usage scenarios, giving you flexibility to serve your customers wherever they are; at the terminal, table, or even standing in line. Infor supports options for:

  • Traditional POS terminals that are intuitive, centrally configurable, and operator-friendly
  • Self-serve kiosks that allow guests to skip traditional lines and take control over the ordering process
  • Dual-mode POS terminals that allow maximum flexibility, alternating between staff-operated and guest-operated functionality when applicable
  • Tablet-based POS to allow staff to serve guests anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection—table-side, or even while they wait in line
  • QR-based OrderNow app for staff and visitors to place orders themselves using their personal devices to access menu items and be updated via SMS when their orders are ready for pick up

Infor POS integrates with a range of payment vendors and meal plan providers for greater convenience and efficiency. These integrations adhere to strict PCI PA-DSS compliance, which includes P2PE protocols to ensure that every transaction is secure, and that consumer and business data are safe.

Integrate with display and payment solutions

In addition to integrating with operational components such as kitchen display solutions and digital menu displays, Infor POS can integrate with your other essential solutions and systems, such as staff meal plans and rewards programs. It also integrates with popular payment methods including EMV credit cards, debit cards, and a range of mobile payment solutions. Strict PCI P2PE® protocols are applied to all transaction methods (as mandated by Payment Card Industry compliance), ensuring that every transaction is secure.

Utilize a range of flexible engagement options

Beyond traditional POS terminals, Infor POS also works seamlessly with self-serve and dual-mode kiosks, as well as portable tablets for table-side ordering. Your operations staff can easily gauge best usage based on traffic volumes, time of day, and other important factors. For instance, during off-hours, your kiosks can be set for food and beverage sales without requiring any food service staff intervention.

During busier periods, you can increase throughput by giving guests the option of using a traditional terminal or kiosk, depending on the users’ preferences. This can be accomplished with dual-mode kiosks, which allow a single terminal to switch from a staff-operated terminal to a guest-operated kiosk with just the press of a button. Table-side ordering via tablet-based POS devices can be used to serve staff and visitors wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Update on-the-fly with powerful management tools

At the core of Infor POS is Enterprise Manager, which helps to standardize and maintain menus in a wide range of food service concepts, as well as keep track of items with multiple guest-facing names across those concepts. It also allows management to update information simultaneously to present the latest version of the menu—with pricing, specials, discounts, combos, and other details. In addition, Enterprise Manager can configure all POS terminal buttons, connections to kitchen printers, and more. Enterprise Manager can also tie transactional data to specific business goals, enabling smarter decision-making in an increasingly competitive and datadriven industry.

Achieve centralized control and greater visibility

Infor POS for Hospitals & Healthcare empowers foodservice organizations to serve medical staff and visitors more efficiently. The cloud solution gives operations management more centralized control and greater visibility into transactional data—providing insight that can reveal and help to focus cost-effective strategies in every concept and every location.

Food service staff and guests benefit from:

  • Flexible service usage scenarios
  • Modern, easy-to-use, and intuitive UX
  • Secure transactions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Integrations with leading payment providers
  • Seamless and convenient meal card transactions
Operations management benefits from:
A central hub for more efficient operations—Menu management, terminal configurations, insightful and customized reporting, and more
A scalable technology platform—Designed to evolve as new technologies become available and as new locations are added

Gain agility with Mobile Insights

In a fast-paced industry, agility and speed are critical. With Infor POS, current sales data can be accessible to managers and executives on their mobile devices for greater visibility and more informed decision-making. This helps your food service operations teams stay connected to vital business data, be current on trends, and take rapid action with greater confidence.

Create efficient and profitable operations

Infor POS enables managed foodservice organizations that serve hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure consistent food service support for their cafeterias, coffee shops, gift shops, and more. The cloud-based, stable, secure, and scalable platform supports efficient and profitable operations that meets today’s challenges, and is ready to grow with your business seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Why Infor?

  • Infor is a global ERP software solutions innovator, with more than 67,000 customers worldwide.
  • Infor offers industry-specific technology solutions to match your unique needs based on detailed knowledge and experience in the hospitality and foodservices spaces.
  • Infor has deep relationships with industry leaders who are defining success in healthcare foodservices.
  • Infor understands and emphasizes the need for secure transactions every time, adhering to strict industry regulations to keep consumer and business data safe.
  • Infor provides standard hardware and remote options for straight-forward implementation to help meet customer timelines.
  • Infor offers stable, scalable, and secure native cloud-based infrastructure, closely partnering with industry leaders Amazon Web Services® (AWS®).
  • Infor customers can access friendly and knowledgeable support 24/7/365.

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