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Infor POS

A stable, secure, and scalable point-of-sale solution for restaurants and food services

Expand the restaurant POS possibilities

Infor® Point of Sale (POS) is designed for full- and quick-service restaurants, and managed food services in higher education, healthcare, corporate, and more. The solution enables them to optimize operations, exceed guest expectations, and increase business insight. Hospitality providers can implement a variety of options—terminal, kiosk, tableside, poolside, and beyond—to serve guests virtually anywhere.

User-friendly UI

Get service staff up to speed quickly with a configurable and intuitive user experience

Centralized menu management

Update menus globally with a powerful enterprise management platform

Mobile-friendly functionality

Leverage custom mobile ordering and third-party delivery app integration

PCI-compliant and secure

Consistently ensure transaction integrity with P2P encryption protocols

Multi-tenant cloud architecture

Grow the business with a stable and secure, AWS®-based architecture

Range of hardware options

Offer flexible services via fixed terminals, kiosks, tablets, and dual-mode terminals

The Infor and AWS partnership provides power and responsiveness to stay ahead in food service.

Built natively in the cloud for flexibility and scalability

Invest in greater stability, security, and scalability to increase competitive momentum and ensure resilience.

  • Leverage a multi-tenant cloud architecture to unify all locations
  • Grow the business with built-in capacity for expansion
  • Simultaneously deploy software updates and integrations across all properties
  • Rely on industry-leading security via Infor’s cloud partner, Amazon Web Services® (AWS)
  • Create optimal service continuity via high availability
OrderNow Mobile provides a consistent, high quality guest experiences across multiple devices and order types.

Designed for multichannel guest experiences

Create uniform and seamless guest experiences—whether in-person, self-serve, or remotely via mobile.

  • Provide consistent, high-quality experiences across a spectrum of hardware options and order types
  • Leverage the innovative OrderNow mobile ordering component and integrations with leading delivery applications
  • Increase throughput and reduce wait times with customizable and configurable kiosks for on-location, self-service orders
  • Create greater operational flexibility with dual-mode POS hardware that serves as traditional terminals and kiosks
  • Make order processes easy in all contexts with a clean and intuitive user interface (UI)
Advanced Menu Management aligns restaurant operations and menus.

Comprehensive menu-management visibility and control.

Unify operations and standardize menus, combos, items, pricing, and more, across multiple locations and concepts.

  • Administer consistent offerings above-store with advanced enterprise management capabilities
  • Ensure accuracy and profitability with current and consistent item pricing
  • Offer simultaneous rollouts of daypart information, combos, event-based specials, and more
  • Reflect the most current offerings via remote updates of terminal configurations
  • Leverage item harmony functionality to attach multiple item names to single SKUS—depending on customer brand, location, and concept
Data Insights provide data trends and insights to inform better food service business strategy.

Data-based insights to serve key business key performance indicators

Gain precise and detailed data trends to inform better business strategy at all levels.

  • Determine common sales trends with customized reporting by location, brand, region, etc.
  • Gain insights while on the go with real-time and mobile-based sales reporting
  • Identify the most successful locations, brands, and concepts via easily shared, back-of-house reporting
  • Discover winning SKUs and underperforming ones with item-level analysis
  • Create more effective sales and marketing strategies with a data-based foundation

Infor OS

A robust cloud operating platform for accelerating innovation throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

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