Infor Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates repetitive tasks and empowers your team to focus on what they do best.
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Making work more human with RPA

In the face of labor shortages and employee retirements, organizations increasingly use automation for digital transformation. It offers modern, efficient tools that free up employees for higher-value tasks, enhancing business performance.
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How does RPA Work?

Rise of the bots

Infor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) employs bots or virtual robots to automate labor-intensive, rule-based processes. Bots run 24X7 and execute tasks faster than humans across a variety of applications, content, and actions. These include websites, emails, documents, data entry, etc to support critical business needs such as compliance, bulk invoice creation, and more.
How will my business benefit from automation?

Grow a virtual workforce with ease

Infor RPA is a new integrated service that makes it easier to deploy bots within the enterprise. Remove the costs and risks that occur with day-to-day operations by constructing RPA flows using a codeless, drag-and-drop interface. For faster value realization, prebuilt RPA flows are also available for Infor CloudSuites™.

Significant cost savings

Use fewer resources by engaging bots that are easy to manage, error-free

Speed and efficiency

Faster execution of business processes anytime, anywhere with a virtual workforce

Engaged employees

Free employees from tedious tasks so they can focus on high-value results

Compliance and accuracy

Reliably execute tasks on a schedule for consistent adherence to regulations

Cost effective digitization process

Convert paper-based documents and processes to automated processes centered around digital content

Legacy modernization

Bots can interact with legacy systems to enable a digital transformation journey
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Customer Success

Midwest Wheel sees faster path to digitization with Infor RPA prebuilt content

Infor CloudSuite™ customers greatly benefit from prebuilt flow for rapid value realization.

See how Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution customer Midwest Wheel is achieving a faster path to digitization with prebuilt flow for picklist processing.

signed paper picklist documents processed daily in under 5 minutes
faster customer service resolution
employee productivity improvement
Value realization in less than 7 days

When to Use RPA

Ideal tasks for RPA

RPA transforms organizations with standardized and repetitive tasks such as documents processing, reconciliations, and interaction with legacy applications. See the top workflows Infor customers are currently automating with RPA.

Data entry

  • Eliminate the need for manual input, reduce errors, and save valuable time
  • Improve data accuracy, enhance productivity, and free up employees to focus on more strategic activities

Invoice processing

  • Accelerate the entire accounts payable workflow, from data capture and extraction to validation and payment processing
  • Increase efficiency through reduced processing time, minimize errors, and improve cash flow management

Compliance check

  • Free up valuable time previously spent verifying partners, vendors, employees, and other entities against sanctioned lists
  • Prevent errors and lower the risk of paying fines and penalties for non-compliance

Order processing

  • Streamline the entire order management process, including order entry, validation, and fulfillment
  • Improve order accuracy by reducing manual touchpoints, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize supply chain operations

Customer onboarding

  • Enhance the customer experience by reducing paperwork, eliminating errors, and expediting the onboarding process
  • Provide faster time-to-value for customers and deliver a seamless onboarding experience

Document digitization

  • Eliminate manual data entry efforts by digitizing paper documents into an online and indexed document repository 
  • Reduce costs and risks of managing critical information previously stored in boxes or file cabinets

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