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April 6, 2021

The best hospitality software solutions help organizations make connections and foster meaningful relationships with new and returning guests. A major stumbling block to that has been service applications run in isolation, or individual locations that are largely disconnected from each other.

Unified platform solutions can now efficiently leverage business data to better understand guest behaviors in their journey from location to location, and over significant stretches of time. What hospitality software solutions and vital integrations are necessary to create a wholistic hospitality technology platform? Here’s are some selected examples.

Hotel PMS and CRM

An advanced hotel property management system primarily supports day-to-day hotel operations. But it also serves as the informational hub to other vital systems that are geared toward making connections between the hotel’s guests and the data that tells their stories. When data between the operational component and elements like guest profiles and histories are brought together in a more cohesive way, it can dramatically improve the quality of the guest experience.

To bring that about, hotel property management (PMS) must be inextricably linked across an organization in real time, with cloud technology being a key component. This is not only to create continuity of guest history and preferences across locations, but also as a way to create better communications and relationships over time. This symbiotic exchange is essential to encouraging repeat visits and increasing the lifetime value of hotel’s top guests.

Hospitality CRM, PMS, restaurant point of sale, and sales & catering solutions

Now consider conference/convention/event attendees. Many times, an individual delegate may not know the host hotel or restaurant’s products and services on their first visit. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prospects for repeat business. Making certain that guest data flows from event spaces and group bookings for those events is vital to the success of the venue. Communications with the systems and event participants provide sources for new business going forward.

With hotel PMS that includes guest histories inclusive of all locations, and sales & catering systems working together as a part of an integrated platform, the data collected across all of them will provide a solid basis to communicate with attendees in a more meaningful way after the event is over.

Restaurant and food services POS and third-party applications

The guest journey in food services concepts and restaurants often involves elements such as loyalty cards, rewards points and meal plan cards to create a valuable experience. This means a rich source of data from such sources provides clarity around who your guests are by the nature and frequency of their purchases, preferences, order volumes, and account history.

Business data collection is most valuable when it draws from multiple sources to create a unified picture of how guests interact with your brand. When the data is synthesized to identify who your guests really are, then understanding how to best serve them and entice their return becomes clearer.

Hospitality software integrations map the journey

The best way to turn business data into a practical strategy is to connect with your guests’ journey at every touchpoint. This yields valuable, actionable data, at both the individual and aggregated levels, with such factors as:

  • Guest and casino player history within your locations and brands
  • Activities, offers, events that brought them to your doors
  • The goods and services they engage with during their stay
  • Their preferences based on their purchases

It all tells a story of what those guests wanted, the options they chose, and what the relationship your brand has with them so far. When hospitality organizations connect these separate worlds of data together, they provide consistently positive experiences and create a clearer vision of how to serve guests in the future.

The right hospitality software platform to connect experiences

Connecting experiences from every point in the guest journey to another is an integral part of creating fun and welcoming environments in all locations. To do that, a cohesive and unified technology platform must be in place.

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