Is it time to replace your legacy ERP with a modern, cloud solution?

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September 30, 2021

A legacy is something you should leave your family or community, not a software solution. We understand that the cost of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a large investment, but it is just that – any investment in your business. ERP systems are the central hub that runs your business, and it is critical to your success to have one that is based on current technology that makes it easier to share data across your organization and that also encourages high user adoption and use of the system.

Historically, ERP solutions have carried a large cost in the software, hardware, implementation, and training expenses. Years ago, it was commonplace to hear horror stories about ERP Projects that were very over budget, crippled business and took double the time to implement. If you have ever talked to someone about replacing their ERP system, many were not happy with their current ERP but were too heavily invested in time and money to consider replacing it for a very long time. It was customary for companies and IT departments to be very gun shy of making any changes, thus, they kept their ERP systems beyond their usefulness and are still running their legacy software.

Today, with the many advantages of moving to the cloud and the recent pandemic that forced many companies to work remotely, the efficiency and the availability of Enterprise Resource Planning has brought a renewed interest in replacing legacy ERP systems. Many companies using legacy solutions, also have several disparate programs, including a large collection of Excel spreadsheets that they use outside of the system. These external processes create inefficiencies, increase chance of human error and still need to be integrated into the ERP in a timely manner.

The pandemic reminded all companies that the cost of downtime is enormous, not just to the bottom line, but also to customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation. Not only did companies need 24/7 availability, but they also needed to access the systems remotely, and needed multiple employees to seamlessly collaborate with team members in unison. Many companies also needed to be able to adapt quickly – by creating new products, retrofitting their current equipment to make new products and by adding additional production lines and shifts. Time was a critical factor in both designing, production and distribution.

By replacing your legacy ERP Solution with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), business processes can be re-evaluated and adjusted to increase productivity, costly server hardware is no longer needed, and upgrades are rolled out to the entire organization quickly and easily. Overbudget and long implementations are no longer the “norm” of an ERP Project.

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Design Group, an Infor Channel partner for decades, uses Infor Accelerators and a proven implementation methodology that takes months, not years. Whether you are looking for a solution to grow with your business, to get products to market faster or to gain a complete view of your entire supply chain, Infor and Design Group have the solutions and experience to help. Our dedicated team of professional consultants will be with you every step of the way. We will provide options and suggestions to alleviate your unique challenges. Contact us to start your journey and create a competitive advantage for your company with a modern ERP solution.

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