New interoperability solution for Healthcare organizations to better leverage and analyze their data

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August 4, 2021By Joerg Schwarz

Infor proudly announced its new Cloverleaf Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Server product last week, which completes the FHIR suite of products. The product suite will help maximize value for our clients by providing more accessible data at the point of care.

The FHIR suite includes four products:

  • FHIR Bridge - Translates HL7 v2.x messages into FHIR resources (and FHIR into HL7 v2.x)
  • Consolidator - Consolidates FHIR resources for a patient coming from both HL7 v2.x messages and C-CDA documents
  • API Gateway- Registers APIs and orchestrates data flow
  • FHIR Server - Persists FHIR resource objects that can be exposed via the API Gateway to registered APIs

The suite provides a connection to the existing world of Healthcare delivery, which to a large extent is transacting day-to-day and minute-to-minute in HL7 v2, with the future of healthcare that is based on FHIR applications transacting with each other.

As an example, since July 1 of this year, Payers must provide FHIR API access to clinical data as part of the Cures Act requirements. FHIR Bridge, Consolidator, and API Gateway allows you to do exactly this. Payers collect clinical data from different sources, most of the time through HL7 or CDA, and consolidate this data around a patient to expose it to an API that gives patients access to their own data.

With FHIR Server, providers can now orchestrate innovative workflows by extracting data from their production systems transacting in HL7, translating this data into FHIR resources, and exposing them to apps. Think of a patient that is admitted to a hospital, which generates an ADT. The ADT is transposed into FHIR resources and generates a patient profile, which the patient can edit and add data to. The patient could also use a portal API to schedule an appointment. While the underlying systems require and generate HL7 SIU input/output, FHIR Bridge translates these data elements into FHIR resources that can be persisted with the FHIR Server.

During the pandemic many healthcare delivery organizations had to develop innovative ways to respond to patient’s needs utilizing a “digital front door” approach. Infor Cloverleaf’s FHIR Server is a critical element to make this approach scale and work for many different use cases that benefit patients, providers, and care coordination needs.

According to a Gartner®[1] report, “as the EHR megasuite footprint grows, healthcare provider CIOs will cede control of a significant portion of their IT budget and roadmap”. In contrast, the Infor suite of FHIR products allows CIOs to take control of their innovation agenda by building on – not replacing – their existing infrastructure and implement innovative strategies for patient data collection, data exchange, and collaboration that leverage the FHIR standard widely adopted by modern applications without increasing reliance on EHR Megasuite vendors.

As a critical component in this innovation roadmap, Infor invested heavily into R&D to deliver a robust, scalable, and fully functional FHIR Server as part of the FHIR suite. Our customers can rely on Cloverleaf to help them deliver high value with our strategic approach to driving innovation in the Healthcare industry.

Written by:
Joerg Schwarz
Industry Solution & Strategy Director
Infor Cloverleaf

Joerg Schwarz
[1] Gartner, The EHR Megasuite Oligopoly Will Result in Less Differentiation and Innovation — and Higher Total Cost of Ownership Barry Runyon, 30 March 2020. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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