The Customer Success Series

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September 28, 2023

The Customer Success Series will enable you with key tools and resources throughout your important milestones.

All classes are accessible within Infor U Campus. Browse the list of topics and choose the courses that best suit your learning needs. If you need more information or support, please contact with any questions or feedback.

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Check out the list of courses below by lifecycle:

Getting Started

This learning path is for new Infor customers and will help you get off to a great start with key tools, resources, and some useful learning around important milestones.

Getting Started with Infor Cloud

This live session will introduce you to the Infor tools and resources available to you, explain your next steps and provide valuable information to get you started with the Infor Cloud.

Getting Started with Infor Tools

This course introduces the Infor tools and resources available to our customers, explains next steps in the onboarding process, and provides valuable information to get started in the Infor Cloud.

Cloud Administration First Steps

This course provides key information and guidance on the administration and setup of the customer's Infor Cloud solution. It introduces the process, tools, resources, and action items associated with provisioning an Infor cloud solution.

Getting to know Infor Concierge

Grab an introduction to the ‘one-stop shop for all things Infor’ that’s Infor Concierge. Gain instant access to key resources and contacts in a single location. Watch a demo and learn to navigate a round Infor Concierge.

Working with Infor Support

Learn how to create and manage incidents effectively, understand severities, ranking and escalations and use best practices when working with Infor Support.

Managing Contacts

Explore how to maintain records, access and permissions for company contacts in Infor systems in this course.

Mid Implementation

Learning About the Multi-Tenant Cloud

Learn about scheduled maintenance windows, release management and notifications and discover resources to guide you in the MT Cloud.

Working in the IGS Multi-Tenant Cloud

This course details the resources available to keep you and your company informed about your IGS multi-tenant (MT) cloud solution with regard to scheduled maintenance, release calendars, and release notes as well as other guidance, links, and tools.

Effective Incident Management

Pick up the techniques and tools that will enable you to manage incidents effectively. Learn how to rank and escalate to communicate your priorities to the support team.

Navigating the Infor CloudSuite Self-Service Portal

Learn more about the Self-Service Portal and how to get the most from the functions available within it. Find out how to register for notifications.

Evaluating Cloud Go-Live Readiness

Explore this course to help you prepare for and evaluate your organization's readiness to go-live.

Post Live

Settling into the Infor Cloud

This live webinar helps you to familiarize yourself with standard recommended tasks and timelines post live of your Infor product, including activities that you should expect in your day-to-day with the Infor cloud.

Infor: Product Enhancement Request System

Learn how to get involved with the Infor Product Enhancement Request System (ERS), where changes that customers are most interested in seeing are collected, tracked, and analyzed.

Infor Communities: Getting Started

Learn about Infor Communities and the benefits of being a member. Discover the best ways to connect and collaborate with other members.