Enhancing FSM and HR Talent Applications Using Configuration Console

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June 7, 2023

Infor Financials & Supply Management (FSM) and HR Talent Management (HCM) are powerful Landmark applications used to manage your business.

While the delivered applications meet most business requirements, you may need to configure the applications to meet your unique business needs.

Using Configuration Console, both FSM and HCM are easily configured to deliver more value to your business stakeholders.  You can use Configuration Console to extend your applications or configure security.  There are two learning tracks available.  One is specific to application configuration, and the second is specific to security configurations.  Each track provides several educational videos you can use to better understand this powerful application.

Here's a consolidated list of the application and security video series.  These videos were created by top Infor technology experts as a free service for our Infor community.

Web Configuration Console for Applications Blog Series

Used to create and manage application configurations and personalization:

 Topic  Original Post Date
 Part 1: Introduction  10/4/2021
 Part 2: Configuration  11/15/2021
 Part 3: Personalization  11/17/2021
 Part 4: Report  11/19/2021
 Part 5: Data Area  12/1/2021
 Part 6: Utilities  12/15/2021
 Part 7: Landmark Pattern Language (LPL) Viewer  1/5/2022
 Part 8: Tags & Bundles  2/9/2022
 Part 9: Snapshots  3/2/2022
 Part 10: Landmark Pattern Language (LPL) LPL Version Analysis  3/9/2022
 Part 11: Configuration and Security Change Movement  3/30/2022

Web Security Administration Blog Series

Used to create and manage security configurations:

 Topic  Original Post Date
 Part 1: Security Administration - Introduction  10/6/2021
 Part 2: Security Class Configuration  11/29/2021
 Part 3: User Management  12/3/2021
 Part 4: System Management  12/6/2021
 Part 5: Web Security Administration - Snapshots  3/2/2022
 Part 6: LPL Viewer  1/5/2022
 Part 7: Tags & Bundles  2/9/2022
 Part 8: Author Management  12/8/2021
 Part 9: Snapshots  3/2/2022
 Part 10: LPL Version Analysis  3/9/2022
 Part 11: Change Management  3/30/2022
 Part 12: Administration  12/22/2021

If you are interested in formal Instructor-led training, consider enrolling in our Landmark Technology: Designing and Administering Configuration Console course.  You can find schedules and register at Infor U by clicking here.

Here's a glimpse into this course's upcoming 2023 delivery dates*:

  • June 26-30
  • July 17-21
  • August 7-11
  • September 18-22
  • October 16-20
  • November 13-17
  • December 11-15

*All deliveries listed above begin on Monday at 9 am GMT and conclude on Friday at 5 pm GMT.  Dates and times are subject to change.


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