Hazard Pay with Infor Workforce Management

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July 15, 2020

Business challenge
Organizations need an easy and automated way to apply premium pay when their employees work under unique or dangerous conditions. With the ever-growing complexity of these scenarios, it has become more challenging for organizations to easily apply supplementary compensation in the form of dollars or hours, when employees work under these conditions.

How can Infor WFM help?
With Infor Workforce Management (WFM), you can easily automate awarding additional compensation to employees’ timesheets as defined criteria are met. Infor WFM will take care of all the heavy lifting and managers can be assured that their employees are compensated appropriately and according to organizational policies when they work under these unique conditions.

How it works
Infor WFM allows for the configuration of an unlimited number of Shift Premium Zones. Shift Premium Zone definitions automatically validate eligibility for premium pay and apply the premium. The configuration supports a broad array of conditions and parameters including job, location, scheduled vs. unscheduled, specific shift start or end times, specific shift durations, etc.

In addition, Shift Premium Zone definitions can be combined with condition sets in the rule engine to provide even more flexibility such as different premiums on certain days, based on seniority, etc.

Version availability
Shift Premium Zones have been available in all versions of Infor WFM starting with Version 3.

See it in action
Here’s a brief video that illustrates, how you can leverage Shift Premium Zones today to help with Infor WFM premium pay.

Detailed configuration

  1. Login as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Shift Premium Zone (Maintenance->Schedule Settings->Shift Premium Zone)
  3. Click “Create New Entry”
  4. Define all necessary fields applicable to your specific premium.
    (For more information on field configurations for Shift Premium Zone definitions, please reference the “Shift Premium Zone Rule” section in the “Time and Attendance Implementation and Administration Guide”.)
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Navigate to Quick Rule Editor to apply the new Shift Premium Zone
  7. Select the Calculation Group that the rule should apply to
  8. Click “Add Rule”
  9. Select the “Shift Premium Zone Rule”

10. Within the drop down, select the Shift Premium Zone/s that should apply.

Note: By default, the Shift Premium Zone will be applied with the “Always True” condition set, which means it will be evaluated all the time. For more detailed control, you can tie the Shift Premium Zone to a more selective condition set.

Here’s a brief video on how to configure a Shift Premium Zone to automate premium pay with Infor WFM.

For more examples on how to configure Shift Premiums, please consult the Time and Attendance Implementation and Administration Guide. If you need a copy, it can be found on https://concierge.infor.com

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