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July 31, 2023By Rick Rider, VP, Platform Technology

Here’s a preview of the in-person event showcasing customer ROI with AI/ML & automation Oct 4-5 in New Orleans

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The past few years have taught us a few things, perhaps the biggest being that technology-fueled agility and differentiation is no longer a nice-to-have in modern business. Gone are the days when historical relationships and industry grit, tenacity and know-how served as differentiators. Our remote reality created new obstacles and opportunities that fueled new business models. This sparked detailed research in composability and agility. Now, some of the biggest areas companies are addressing and investing in are how can they prevent, or be prepared for, disruptions. Many market-leading companies are embracing new technology at a rate that completely changes the traditional hype cycle.

At Infor, we have made this our No. 1 priority over the past two years. It’s been our objective to partner directly with customers to prove out innovative use cases such as machine-learning-embedded intelligence, as well as complete operational automation fueled by predictive insights. We knew that to help our customers retain their competitive advantages, we had to embrace this challenge with levels of accuracy and speed unseen in the market. Fortunately, we had an engine and a culture that could really fuel this motion: Infor OS (Operating Service).

Soma Somasundaram talking

Infor President and CTO Soma Somasundaram will present.

This is what Infor Now, scheduled for Oct 4-5 in New Orleans, is all about — proven, ROI-based innovations that leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as enterprise automation. We will bring together the various departments of the business and showcase the work of “fusion teams” – like the ones that Gartner discusses in its March 17, 2023, report by its CIO Research Team, “Fusion Teams: A Proven Model For Digital Delivery.” Proving to business leaders what can be achieved, while demonstrating to the IT organization the detailed efficiency and effectiveness of embracing a culture of creative disruption, is the best way to enable continued business growth.

 Rick Rider talking

I will present, too. 

Here’s a peek into why this is such an important event to be part of:

1. This will not be the kind of event you are used to attending. Outcomes and solutions will be delivered in the words of your peers. This is NOT marketing fluff to grab your attention for potential opportunities down the road. This is about proven innovation and technology that should be embraced today.
2. The goal is to get you started on your innovation journey so you can accomplish two primary goals: increasing your bottom line, and propelling your business to be one of the coolest in your market.
3. It’s designed to showcase proven AI and enterprise automation outcomes. While we plan to discuss roadmaps for the future, we will focus on outcomes and opportunities to take advantage of NOW.
4. It’s what you and your peers have been asking for — a TechEd on steroids with an additional flare and emphasis on business outcomes and ROI, not just deep dives for our developer community. (Don’t worry, we will do that, too!)
5. It will showcase the next evolution of Infor. We plan to market ourselves through our customers’ successes and prove that we are your co-innovation partner for the long haul. We will highlight how we continue to expand your platform capabilities, lower barriers to entry of innovation and drastically increase speed of delivery to the business.
6. To put it simply, it’s going to be the coolest event we’ve ever hosted — a mixture of personalities that expands your network of contacts, use cases, and partnerships well beyond your own industry. There will be a tremendous cross-pollination of ideas that apply to anyone and everyone.

Check out this short video, which highlights what we have in store for you in New Orleans.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Rick Rider

Rick Rider
VP of Platform Technology

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