Instructor Spotlight: Glen Rexing

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July 21, 2023

"Greetings from Chicago, one of the world's greatest cities from late May through September.  Glen Rexing here.  I'm a Cloud Solutions Architect, Sr. Principal for Infor's Business Transformation Practice & Infor U, primarily focused on Lawson and Landmark product offerings.

30 years have flown by with Infor applications.  It's been quite a journey; from analyst, developer, implementation consultant, and now a technical instructor.  My specialty is working around perceived software limitations to solve the ever-evolving requirements of our customers.

My career path creates a unique experience for those attending public or private course offerings that I deliver.  My passion is educating anyone who will listen to my strange stories while simultaneously teaching them important aspects of our products.  For those of you familiar with The Karate Kid, I like to sometimes think of myself as Mr. Miyagi.  The course attendee, much like Daniel-san, doesn't always realize that by the time we 'wax on,' 'wax off', or 'paint the fence,' we've covered topics such as the integration of Infor OS with their organization's Identity Provider using claim-based authentication.  There's no greater reward for me than seeing the lightbulb go on.

It's not easy to stay current on the latest product updates and technology.  However, I do it for anyone that may need me to.  Course attendees can sit back and absorb the power of our technology through my odd references to music or television shows.  As you can probably tell, I don't always take myself too seriously.  But I do take your success seriously, and when I'm working with attendees or individuals, I want them to know I care about them and their success more than my own.  It's been that way since I entered the workforce.

People tend to ask me, 'You've been in software for 30 years and you're still training?'  Yes I am, and I hope to be right here for another decade.  There aren't many positions where I can affect the success of so many customers at the same time.  Additionally, the Infor talent I work with is the absolute best.

If you're looking for education on our Lawson or Landmark technology, its administration, or development, then 'I'm your man.'  (Sung in my best George Michael voice)

You can find the current Lawson and Landmark delivery schedules on Infor U Campus.  All courses can be offered privately, but some are only offered that way.  Here's a list of the Lawson and Landmark offerings I facilitate:

  • Technology Foundation
  • Administration
  • Configuration Console (LPL)
  • Infor Process Automation
  • Security
  • Infor Spreadsheet Designer or MS Add-ins
  • Infor OS: Security and BODs for Landmark and Lawson Applications

Personally, I love sports, and the Chicago Cubs and Chelsea FC turn my blood blue.  Travel invigorates me and I am often humbled by it.  I live a blessed life, that's for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to read my spotlight, and I hope our paths cross at a future course or event."

- Glen Rexing

Connect with Glen on LinkedIn here.



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