Introducing Updates to the Infor Certification Program Expiry Policy

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May 20, 2024

The Infor Certification Program recognizes and validates your skills and expertise in using Infor products and solutions. We continuously look to evolve our program offerings for Infor Certifications to remain relevant, valid, and meaningful. As such, Infor is instituting an important update to the Infor Certification Program certification expiry policy.

Upcoming Program Update

Effective January 1, 2025, the Infor Certification Program will be introducing a new certification expiry policy to:

  • Ensure your knowledge and skills are up to date with the latest product features and best practices.
  • Enable you to easily identify individuals with the appropriate certification and capabilities to perform a role or task.
  • Align with industry standards and foster a culture of learning and excellence.

Policy Overview

After the program rollout, certifications will be valid for two years from the date you earned the certification. To maintain your certification status, you will need to renew your certification by passing the latest version of the certification exam. Any certifications older than two years at program rollout will automatically expire.

Certification validity
  • A certification is valid for two years from the date of passing the certification or other activities required to earn that certification.
  • To prevent your certification from expiring, renew the certification before the certification expiration date.
Notification method
  • You will receive an email from Credly 60 days prior to the certification expiration date.
  • You can also review your Webassessor and Credly transcripts for upcoming expirations.
Recertification method
  • Renew your certification by taking the updated exam.
  • To maintain your certification status, renew your certification every two years.
  • Full exam price (with any applicable discounts)
  • No cost for Infor employees

Note: Not all certifications will fall into the new policy at program rollout due to age of certification and available replacement. Any certifications that do not fall into the new policy at program rollout will roll into the program at a later date and notifications will be sent out at that time. Refer to the list of certifications included in the policy at program rollout in the Infor Certification Program Guide. Updates to the list will be posted in the Infor Certification Program Guide.

What can you do to prepare?

To prepare for the expiry policy update, please refer to instructions in the Infor Certification Program Guide and complete the following:

1. Review and update your Webassessor and Credly account information.

  • You must ensure that your company name and company email address are up to date.
  • Certifications are earned by and follow the individual. It is critical that you review your account information to ensure you receive proper credit.

2. Review Webassessor and Credly for expiring certifications.

3. Review applicable certification exam guides in Infor U Campus.

4. Renew your certifications by taking the applicable exams before the expirations. 

Questions and Help

Additional Infor Certification Program information is available at and on Infor U Campus.

If you have additional questions, please contact

If you experience any issues while registering for a certification exam, please contact Kryterion Candidate Support.

Additional information about Infor U training courses is available at

If you need help registering for an Infor U training course, please contact

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