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June 30, 2020

The best in reservations software allows for staff to easily manage bookings by helping them to better visualize the process and more efficiently manage it for the benefit of guests. Advanced solutions help to prompt them to the next task relative to where each guest is in the process. The software allows staff to know what “full” means, and how to get a more precise reading on wait times, too.

In our current environment where social distancing is a mandated priority, this kind of functionality has to apply beyond traditional restaurant reservations. It has to serve other hospitality contexts as well, particularly in the hotels sector where booking amenities spaces – pool, spa, gym, and other locations – while considering social distancing is becoming standard practice. How does this work, exactly? Here are some of the broad strokes.

Mapping any space in any hotel location

Strategizing around safe and manageable volumes within a given space has always been an important aspect of efficient reservations processes. Today, this aspect of operations is even more of a concern than ever and in more than just restaurants. In light of this, reservations software helps to map out every area where guests popularly gather in a hotel property.

Advanced solutions automatically calculate availability based on the configuration of the assets for guest activities in any space, just like it would in a dining area in a restaurant. When implemented in the cloud, these solutions can be rolled out across multiple properties and adjusted when needed. This helps organizations account for this wider variety of spaces as a single and unified view across a chain of locations, brands, and sub-brands.

Applicable to a range of assets

Just as a booking process can go well beyond dining spaces, advanced booking software in a hotel setting can be applied to any asset associated with guest activities. This certainly includes tables. But it also includes exercise machines, sports equipment, and other items associated with amenity spaces in a hotel location.

It also accounts for those specialized events spaces like spas, meeting rooms, ballrooms, and others along with any assets that are associated with events common to those spaces. A reservations management solution helps locations to gain greater visibility and control over the booking process in all the areas of the property, and with all of the assets associated with them.

Aligning settings to meet with prescribed standards

The added dimension of externally mandated social distancing rules is another aspect of operations that advanced reservations software can help organizations to manage more efficiently. In our current era when adhering to limitations in spaces is so important, there is a lot of pressure on properties and the staff to manage them to get things right in all kinds of booked spaces including those beyond dining areas. This isn’t just about following rules. It’s also about being sensitive to the needs and sensibilities of guests who are trusting hoteliers to keep them safe.

Luckily, the right reservations software solution bears the burden of this so that staff can focus on guests and not on the intricacies of managing traffic volumes manually. These solutions make it easy to adjust maximum capacities according to regional laws around social distancing. In this, guests feel comfortable when they’re in a space, and hotel locations are within legal requirements where applicable.

Reservations management has a vital role to play

Maintaining efficient booking processes across all kinds of spaces, and not just traditional table management in dining spaces, is an essential element to the modern guest experience. Reservations software based in the cloud and rolled out across multiple hotel locations has a vital role to play in creating safe, relaxed, and friction-free environments for guests.

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