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February 26, 2020

In recent years, the acquisition by Amadeus of its parent company, Newmarket International, and its main competitor, Hotel Sales Pro has narrowed the field for viable alternatives to Delphi.fdc. At the same time, the Delphi on-premise sales and catering solution has been reaching end-of-life, forecasted to de-commission in early 2021.

This means that hotel organizations currently using the system will need to re-think their options well before that time. What will leading hospitality and events management businesses seeking Delphi software alternatives do in the light of this? Here are some characteristics of advanced sales and catering software that industry leaders should consider to help them to make an informed decision.

Sales & catering solutions in the cloud

With Delphi’s end-of-life of their on-premises solution, there is an opportunity for their customers to migrate their operations to the cloud. That’s where the industry is headed; integrations with hotel PMS, food and beverage POS, asset management, revenue management solutions, and other systems. Detailed data analytics across a spectrum of systems and company locations like these give management at corporate and site levels a wider angle to identify trends and create forecasts that are accessible whenever needed.

The cloud enables a less siloed and more inclusive approach to sales and catering systems and other solutions that help organizations get a more immediate and comprehensive view of where they’re winning, where they need to improve, and to how create a more precise business strategy to help them get where they need to go. A cloud-based, integrated solution is an essential characteristic of an advanced sales and catering software solution to help achieve that.

Managing guest room and non-guest events spaces with a single solution

When the Delphi sales and catering and event management software was first created, non-guest-room markets were largely underserved. That has changed. The importance of non-guest room spaces has only increased, presenting opportunities for hotel organizations to take advantage of the revenue potential of meeting rooms, ballrooms, dining areas, and other spaces that focus on events management. Investing in a system that optimizes those efforts is a must for hotels looking to expand revenue and increase profitability.

Event management isn’t just about the single event. It’s also about providing easy accommodations when the event is spread over multiple days. For this, it’s important to have a system that can help teams to easily manage each type of space – guest room and events spaces alike – using a single hub to manage the event in a function space and also to create guest room blocks for attendees. Using a guest room control module (GRC) the revenues that are associated with an event are more visible, and measurable. When looking for replacement sales and catering software, this is an important element to include on a must-have list.

Easy functionality that’s built for users

To get the most out of inventory, and to maximize the efficiency of service staff, hotels do best when they implement tools that help their teams do their jobs better, day to day. The starting point for this is a web-based solution that’s accessible from multiple locations and devices. Aging on-premises solutions of the kind that Delphi are de-commissioning soon cannot meet that requirement, along with many of the other essential functions mentioned so far that enable teams to do their best work.

With that in mind, sales and catering software solutions must be easy to use to get the kind of results organizations are seeking. They should enable easy bookings, flexibility for walk-ins and cancellations, easy visibility on availability information connected to event management, but also to lodging requirements. The solution should simplify creating and communicating quotes, contract proposals or contracts, and make the process quick and easy for prospects and for users, too.

Infor Sales & Catering software solution

The hospitality industry landscape is changing fast. Finding alternatives to soon to be de-commissioned on-premises solutions is only one example of that. With all of the above in mind, when looking for alternatives to Delphi software, it’s essential to invest in a solution and in a total technology platform that will grow with your organization as new technologies emerge to help you to make transitions more easily as the industry evolves.

Infor Sales & Catering and Table Management solutions are built and deployed in the cloud and managed via SaaS to help hotel organizations to streamline their businesses for the present and to better anticipate the future, too.

Are you looking for Delphi software alternatives right now? It’s time to take the next steps to learn more about Infor Sales & Catering.

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