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November 10, 2023

Infor Education Credits (IECs) offer an exceptional opportunity to enrich your learning journey and foster growth.

The pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement remain crucial in the ever-evolving learning landscape.  Infor U offers training programs to elevate your expertise and maximize capabilities with Infor solutions. 

If your organization aims to upskill its workforce using Infor solutions, Infor Education Credits are a simple and efficient means of fulfilling your commitment to empowering your teams through continuous learning.

Explore the value of Infor Education Credits, how they work, and the benefits they bring to your organization through the information below.

Understanding Infor Education Credits:

Infor Education Credits are prepaid, allowing your team to access a variety of learning content across a wide range of diverse topics, with no financial transaction required when a learner accesses a course or training session.  Purchasing these credits in advance provides convenient and flexible options for your team to choose how and when to spend each training dollar purchased, allowing them to easily select courses, workshops, and training sessions that best align with their learning goals.

Infor Education Credits can be used to access a variety of topics across different learning types:

  • eLearning
  • Self-directed Learning
  • Publicly scheduled classes
  • Virtual instructor-led content
  • On-site & private instructor-led classes
  • Labs & hands-on learning

To view our full course catalog, click here.

Boost learning through Infor Education Credits.

One of the key benefits of Infor Education Credits is the opportunity to upskill your workforce on a larger scale.

Choice of learning: When you purchase Infor Education Credits, your teams are not confined to specific training courses at the time of purchase.  This freedom allows each learner to select content that best fits their needs, empowering them to engage in hassle-free learning.  This adaptability caters to diverse learner requirements, whether they seek deep product knowledge or foundational skills.

Continuity of learning: Maintaining a continuous learning environment is vital for organizations to maintain their teams' proficiency in the products and software they use to run their business.  The credit utilization period encourages learners to sustain their learning momentum.  By using these credits, each learner engages in multiple pieces of training, seamlessly completing a series of courses through a holistic learning experience.  Infor Education Credits come with an 18-month window of use, giving your teams plenty of time to plan and obtain the maximum value of each training opportunity available to them.  Once a team member enrolls in a course, the corresponding credits are deducted from your balance.

Reduced administrative burden: Using Infor Education Credits simplifies the learning process for you and enables learners to effortlessly access training resources.  This approach minimizes administrative complexities, creating more time for successful and prosperous learning.

Infor Education Credits offer a strategic approach to an organization's education, promoting the autonomy to choose and learn continuously, resulting in highly efficient and effective upskilling.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain more insight into Infor Education Credits, please contact InforU.Support@infor.com.


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