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Streamlining proof-of-delivery management with Infor Enterprise Automation

October 31, 2023By Mona Patel, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor Platform Technology3 minute read

Here’s how one of the largest parts distributors in the Midwest transformed the way proof-of-delivery documents are managed to improve productivity and customer satisfaction

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We Supply America—Season 3: Insights for the Distribution Industry

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Soma Somasundaram Leadership Profile Picture

Introducing new Platform Technology innovations & enhancements to industry-specific CloudSuites

October 12, 2023By Soma Somasundaram, Infor President & CTO4 minute read
Soma Somasundaram, Infor President & CTO, reflects on the significance of the latest product update. 
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Accountant Invoice Finance Accounts

Infor Enterprise Automation: A simplified approach to scaling hyperautomation across the enterprise

October 4, 2023By Mona Patel, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor Platform Technology 6 minute read

Q&A with Infor Chief Innovation Officer Massimo Capoccia on how Infor takes a unique and broader approach to hyperautomation

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The Hardworking Heart of America: An Inside Look at the We Supply America Tour Season 3

September 18, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director
The We Supply America Tour, proudly sponsored by Infor, returns for its third season, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the distribution world.
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TUG CONNECTS 2023 - Synergy Unleashed!

August 31, 2023By Steve Levy, VP, Enterprise Architecture - Distribution
TUG CONNECTS 2023 brought together industry leaders, partners, and experts to discuss distribution-specific challenges and innovative solutions. This blog post provides the key highlights and transformative ideas discussed during the event.
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A Robotic-Centric Future

August 30, 2023By Vishal Minocha
In this byline article published on, Vishal Minocha from Infor, looks at the importance of integrating robotics with a modern WMS to optimise productivity and performance within the warehouse.
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Empowering and electrifying: Insights from the 2023 NAED Women in Industry Forum

July 28, 2023By Mary Bennett, Account Director - Distribution Industry
Kristen Summit, Marketing Director - Distribution Industry, reflects on the 2023 NAED Women in Industry Forum. 
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The “We Supply America Tour” – Celebrating the people and distributors who build America

July 21, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director
The We Supply America tour is a traveling roadshow that celebrates the noble calling of distribution. It has helped raise awareness of distribution’s importance and promote the value of the distributors' work.
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Exploring Thrilling Adventures at the 2023 NAED Adventure Conference

July 14, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director
The 2023 NAED Adventure Conference was packed with excellent opportunities to learn from industry experts, network with other professionals, and find new business opportunities. Get some key takeaways from the conference in this blog post. 
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