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The benefits of cloud deployment in A&D

July 12, 2022By Edward Talerico

As aerospace and defense enterprises adapt to changing market demands and global volatility, the technology they use to manage their business becomes increasingly important. The complexity of product designs, compliance mandates, supply chain disruption, and cybersecurity all point to the need for modern, composable ERP solutions deployed in the cloud. Without modern solutions, organizations face numerous risks and won’t be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence, data insights, or enhanced supply chain visibility.

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  • ERP

Resilience in A&D

July 11, 2022By Edward Talerico

Manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry face numerous challenges that can threaten the ability to remain competitive, productive, and profitable. Enterprises can become vulnerable to global competitors, lose long-term contracts, or become unable to meet customer expectations. Disruptions to the supply chain pose some of the greatest threats. An uncertain market has led to unstable demand signals. In response, manufacturers focused on shoring up critical suppliers with additional...

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Cybersecurity in aerospace and defense

July 8, 2022By Edward Talerico

Companies in the aerospace and defense industry are taking a closer look at ways technology can help them to adapt to changing demands, while still meeting strict regulation and security mandates. Cyber security is an area getting more attention as enterprises adjust business models and find cloud deployment offers many advantages.

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Managing supply chain risks in A&D

July 7, 2022By Edward Talerico

Airworthiness issues, trade wars, and supply chain disruptions have caused significant turbulence for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting supply chain bottlenecks escalated these issues, especially ones related to procuring critical parts and components. Modern technology can help manage risks.

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The need for digitalization in aerospace and defense

July 6, 2022By Edward Talerico

Facing rapid change and disruption Manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry face numerous challenges as they adapt to rapid change and market disruption. For many, bottlenecks in the supply chain and the need for greater supply chain visibility are some of the most pressing issues. For others, controlling costs and increasing productivity may be the major concern. Data insights, predictive analytics, and reliable estimates are more important...

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