Infor Velocity Summit

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Kevin Samuelson on stage in Infor Velocity World Tour

Experience the momentum at Infor Velocity Summit

Learn how Infor is shaping the future with highlights from our recent Velocity World Tour. Join us this October in Las Vegas and Amsterdam to discover Infor’s latest innovations and gain insights for your business.

What does it mean to get ahead? What do you need to stay there?

No two industries – or businesses – have the same answer. That’s why Infor’s technology is built on years of industry-specific work and expertise.

At the Infor Velocity Summit, we are excited to announce our latest products and innovations designed to help you move with velocity and discover the next great version of your business.

These two-day events in Las Vegas and Amsterdam are dedicated to empowering industry professionals with tailored solutions to drive fast, profitable growth and will feature industry experts, 1:1 meetings, immersive experiences, and meaningful networking opportunities.

A destination dedicated to empowering industry professionals with tailored solutions

Discover our new innovations

Discover how Infor’s latest innovations will take your operations to the next level and help your teams move faster together.

Learn from industry experts

Get insights from professionals in your industry about how they’re solving today’s biggest business problems.

Connect with your peers

Network with like-minded leaders from across industries to help you benchmark, learn, and prioritize growth.

Accelerate your business with Infor

Learn how you can move with velocity and uncover a smarter, faster, more agile version of your business.