Grupo Pardini Invests in Data Integration to Enhance Customer Experience with Infor Cloverleaf Solution

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Brazil-November 05, 2020, 02:00 PM

This initiative is part of the group’s digital transformation strategy.

BRAZIL — Nov 5, 2020 — Infor today announced that Grupo Pardini, a leading health organization dedicated to diagnoses and preventive medicine, has implemented Infor Cloverleaf. Grupo Pardini and Infor are both focused on digital transformation and partnered with the goal of using data as a source of agility, competitiveness and automation in communications between laboratories, software houses and Grupo Hermes Pardini, providing agile, safe and personalized integration.

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Data interoperability is essential to drive digital transformation at Grupo Pardini in order to improve the digital experience with its stakeholders (laboratories, software houses, health operators, hospitals, etc.), optimize costs, increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of laboratory tests delivery. As a leader in diagnosis medicine in Brazil, clinic interoperability not only means important operational improvements, but faster and more accurate diagnosis results, improving digital experience for millions of patients across the country. Currently, in the lab-to-lab sector, the initial focus of the project used Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, as Grupo Pardini has more than 6,000 associated laboratories in Brazil.

“Infor’s application suite is aligned with Grupo Hermes Pardini’s digital strategy, and that will enable us to meet our business interoperability challenges, in B2B as well as B2C,” states Joao Alvarenga, Grupo Hermes Pardini IT and digital director.

For Grupo Pardini, it is a great challenge to connect in an agile and efficient way with customers´ varying systems in laboratories (LIS) and hospitals (HIS) lab to lab, as the sector still does not have protocols enabling a more fluid connection in lab-to-lab operations. Before implementing Infor Cloverleaf, this type of disruption in the clinic/assistance chain caused delays in the interfacing process, as well as extra operational costs.

Main challenges in the project:

  1. Complexity: different systems and architectures, lack of standardization in test codes and lack of standard protocols that extend interface process with associated laboratories.
  2. Effort and waiting time: long integrations, causing high operational costs, reworks and customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Revenue: delay in revenue recognition, considering the time tests were contracted and laboratories contacted and the actual interfacing between systems involved to start the operation.
  4. Manual processes: mapping of tests (To/From) required specific knowledge, delaying process (manual task), more complexity and higher costs to carry out delivery.

Why Infor solution?

Infor Cloverleaf was selected for its specific functionalities for the healthcare sector and flexibility in the interoperability process in remote environments and with low-technology resources (medical clinics, small and medium laboratories). Grupo Pardini also liked Infor´s IT tool for its capacity to enable in the future the corporate application suite (with business intelligence (BI), enterprise resource planning (ERP), analytics and Big Data).

As an example of the flexibility provided by Infor Cloverleaf, native functionalities enabled Grupo Pardini to implement norm 1792 of the Brazilian Federal Government, which determines sending notifications of COVID-19 test results to SUS (Health System) standardizing data in the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) register of advanced medical assistance.

“To provide a better digital experience to our customers, it is essential to have a robust, agile and reliable integration suite. The Infor solution meets these requirements that will support Grupo Pardini’s digital roadmap,” stated Fernando Dantas, Grupo Pardini executive IT manager - digital experience.

Solution strategy

The mission of Infor Cloverleaf, internally renamed by Grupo Pardini as Symphony, is to transform communications between associated laboratories and Support Pardini, providing a safe flexible and personalized integration experience.

The solution developed jointly by teams from Grupo Pardini and Infor has two main components: Infor Cloverleaf Integration Platform and Infor Cloverleaf Secure Courier. By implementing this technology, it was possible to optimize and automate several manual deliveries that have a high cost in the lab-to-lab operations, reaching considerable results in quality and quantity that strongly impact customers’ digital experience. The project was divided into implementation sprints following best practices of Agile methodology, which were prioritized according to strategic criteria set by the Grupo Pardini digital roadmap for its lab-to-lab customers. Currently, the first sprint is being delivered, which will be finalized by December 2020.


Grupo Pardini leaders say they have obtained the following benefits after the implementation of Infor Cloverleaf:

  1. Reduced integration time with associated laboratories, generating revenue faster.
  2. Integration agility and automation, creating an automatized data flow between associated laboratories and software houses.
  3. Optimization of operational costs, avoiding unique integrations and individual processes, focusing on more dynamic automated integration processes.
  4. Integrations as a competitive advantage in less time, less cost and more efficient.
  5. Intelligent interface standardizing and mapping data for artificial intelligence algorithms to create automatic To/From processes.
  6. Increased efficiency, providing critical out-of-the-box tools, eliminating the need to build integrations from zero, focusing on value-added activities.

“The Infor application suites enabled Grupo Pardini to achieve autonomy, flexibility and agility in the automation of manual processes that are vital to interface with our customers’ management systems (lab-to-lab), as well as allowing development of interfaces and integrations to meet business-specific needs, with no tailoring,” stated David Quites, Grupo Pardini IT integration leader – lab-to-lab.

Future vision

Data interoperability and intelligent interface enables interesting new innovation opportunities. Grupo Pardini has already seen many benefits and expects more to come by creating new applications to use the integration platform to optimize new processes, strengthening the robust and high scalability of Infor Cloverleaf integration platform.

“Grupo Pardini is a leader in lab-to-lab operations in Brazil, and Infor strategically partnered with the group as a cornerstone to advance and improve healthcare across Brazil. Grupo Pardini demonstrated that advanced healthcare technologies like FHIR and Infor Cloverleaf can help address complex challenges in Brazil including the COVID-19 challenge,” said Joel Rydbeck, director & GM of Infor Healthcare Latin America. “Clinicians all the way to public departments of health desperately need complete and current clinical information to correctly treat patients. Infor is proud to enable Grupo Pardini, alongside other leading health organizations across Brazil, to improve efficiency, lower costs, and enhance patient outcomes.”

About Infor Cloverleaf

Infor is the leading company in healthcare interoperability solutions and integration of clinic systems. With the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, thousands of hospitals, laboratories and operators in the world daily exchange information between partners and systems that are part of their health ecosystems. In the diagnosis medicine sector, other laboratories such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp also use the Infor Cloverleaf Integration platform to ensure more efficiency in their operations. Learn more about Infor Cloverleaf

About Grupo Pardini

Grupo Pardini is a health organization dedicated to diagnoses and preventive medicine in Brazil. Its experience, infrastructure and technology position it as one of the best in Brazil. It is also considered a leader in the lab-to-lab sector. Learn more about Grupo Pardini.


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