Levoni Group Chooses Infor for Digital Transformation

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Italy-February 24, 2021, 02:00 PM

Infor and Atlantic Technologies will help the renowned Italian meat company adopt innovative models, update processes and change the way employees work

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VIMERCATE, Italy – 24 February 2021 – Infor today announced that Gruppo Levoni, a historic Italian company specializing in cured meats production, has chosen to implement Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, an enterprise software solution designed specifically for the food sector. The Infor solution based on Infor M3 enterprise resource planning and Infor OS operating system will help create a digital transformation path for Levoni. The project will be entirely managed by Infor Gold partner Atlantic Technologies.

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Founded in 1911, Levoni is synonymous with high-quality cured meats. Quality comes from selected Italian raw materials and craftsmanship that is perfectly integrated with the guarantees and safety standards of industrial systems. Levoni distributes its 100% Italian products to more than 10,000 delicatessens in Italy and to 50 countries around the world. With 700 employees, Levoni is a group now in its fourth generation that has made excellence a distinctive character.

The strong evolution and competitiveness of the market and the need to satisfy consumers who are increasingly attentive to quality, transparency and sustainability, accentuated even more by the pandemic, have led Levoni to digitize production processes, responding to the new habits of buyers and new consumer trends, while ensuring a high level of efficiency.

Following a careful evaluation of the solutions available on the market, Levoni found Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage the ideal platform to manage the complex processes of the food industry and respond to the needs of the group. Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage is based on Infor M3, an international ERP system with industry-specific capabilities and predefined best practices to achieve results faster. The solution allows users to more accurately plan for demand and respond faster to changing demand throughout a global supply chain and in the factory. It provides operational excellence functions designed for the food and beverage industry, supporting the ever-increasing transparency, traceability, food safety and waste reduction requirements. Thanks to the solution, Levoni will be able to manage both the slaughterhouse and the cured meat production, which are very different processes, with a single tool that provides full traceability from farm to fork.

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According to Levoni, the Infor Implementation Accelerator for Food & Beverage makes the solution unique by offering predefined and preconfigured processes based on high-value international experiences in the food and beverage industry. Infor Implementation Accelerator will allow Levoni to create new processes and modify existing ones, starting from worldwide proven industry best practices, providing the agility to respond immediately to the increasingly frequent changes in the market.

The implementation will allow Levoni to embrace the logic of an integrated ecosystem connected with employees, suppliers and collaborators, capable of managing the various aspects of demand from an increasingly aware and demanding consumer. Thanks to the technology roadmap drawn by Atlantic Technologies, Levoni has laid out the foundations for effective process management and systems integration aimed at creating synergy between the different areas and insights of value for its business. The solution will be used by about 230 users, distributed between the Italian and American offices, and will allow the company to rely on a single system to manage all the group's activities and provide a holistic view of the business.

The implementation of the new ERP solution represents the first step in the transformation of the group's application landscape. In the future, the analysis of the various integrations with the production lines of the group sites and the specific issues of the new product development process are planned, as well as the choice of an enterprise asset management solution that meets the business needs.

“We believe the Infor M3 solution with the Implementation Accelerator for Food & Beverage will allow us to achieve our project goals. The choice of an enterprise solution will allow us to manage all the companies of the group with the same tool, and with the Implementation Accelerator, we will approach the analysis phase of the project starting from the best practices relating to the processes of our sector, and not from the typical ‘blank sheet,’ with the specific aim of maintaining the solution as standard as possible,” stated Roberto Pigni, Levoni Group’s information systems director.

"The Infor OS platform seemed to us a very powerful tool that will allow us to manage both the interfaces with other business applications and the automation of business processes. We also greatly appreciate the expandability of the Infor M3 application ecosystem, which contains product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities dedicated to the food sector and a solution for enterprise asset management," concludes Pigni.

“Supporting a prestigious company such as Levoni, which represents ‘Made in Italy’ internationally, is a source of great pride for us,” said Bruno Pagani, Infor sales director for Italy. “The food and beverage sector must adapt more and more to rapid changes in demand, and to respond to new customer requests, flexibility, agility, high safety and compliance with regulations are required. I am sure that our specific technology for the meat processing sector together with the great expertise of Atlantic Technologies will accelerate the innovation process of the Levoni Group, supporting its growth."

"We are very proud to collaborate with Levoni and lead its innovation process,” declared Angela Colucci, Atlantic Technologies VP strategy & business development. “Atlantic has a consolidated experience with companies in the food sector all over the world, helping them to keep up with the evolution of demand and to satisfy the demands of a consumer increasingly attentive to the authenticity of the product. Thanks to the innovative technology of Infor and the specialized consultancy of Atlantic Technologies, Levoni will be able to manage the complex challenges of the sector and ensure profitability and resilience."

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