Mount Sinai South Nassau Kicks Off Interoperability Transformation with Infor Healthcare

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United States-September 21, 2020, 01:00 PM

Infor Healthcare to deliver complete, scalable, proven set of interoperability solutions to boost efficiency in the cloud

NEW YORK – Sept. 21, 2020 – Infor today announced that Mount Sinai South Nassau (MSSN) has selected Infor Cloud Cloverleaf™ to increase interoperability across its network of healthcare services and providers. Specifically, the organization has migrated to the newest cloud-based iteration of Infor Cloverleaf to further bring patient information to the point of care, and assist clinicians to make more effective and informed decisions. Infor Cloverleaf will enable data interoperability and integration across many systems, both inside and outside of the organization, through support of proprietary and traditional data formats and protocols as well as newer web-based API (Application Programming Interface) standards such as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

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By moving to the newest version of Infor Cloverleaf in the cloud, MSSN will be able to focus more time on care and business outcomes, spend less time managing servers and applications, begin leveraging FHIR and API-based data exchange, and benefit from being on the latest version of Cloverleaf with routine upgrades.

“We have been using Infor Cloverleaf for nearly two decades, but decided this is the year we fully automate its capabilities in the cloud. Infor continues to be the right partner because they have proven to our organization that Cloverleaf scales to handle our current needs and we have a clear path towards interoperability via APIs and FHIR,” said Matt Runyan, Mount Sinai South Nassau chief information officer. “Now, teams at Mount Sinai South Nassau will be able to better collaborate within and across departments, enhancing the quality, safety and efficiency of the patient care we provide. By completely removing technical management from daily tasks, the organization can focus more on business outcomes and improving value-based care initiatives.”

“When dealing with critical healthcare data systems, an undetected data delivery error can have an irreversible effect on patient outcomes. Infor Cloverleaf Global Monitor provides proactive, web, and mobile-based monitoring and alerting, SMAT message tracing, and viewing and trending of statistics and metadata helps to prevent unknown system interruptions. It will give us more efficient tools to be more proactive,” said Dr. Ashok Kumar, chief medical information officer consultant at Mount Sinai South Nassau. “Infor Cloverleaf can be accessed in a single web browser and monitored from a mobile device with the Global Monitor mobile app, both of which enhance its monitoring capabilities."

Healthcare organizations require connectivity between diverse systems and, although these systems need to share information, they often have different protocols for connectivity and different formats for recording the same data. As a result, it can be expensive and complex to maintain point-to-point connections among all these systems. The Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite supports many protocols for communication and has the ability to transform messages between many different industry-standard data formats. Cloverleaf acts as a common hub through which systems communicate, eliminating the need for expensive point-to-point connections.

“The current healthcare landscape has forced health systems to streamline their operations and look for economical ways to outsource various IT roles. In addition, the move to value-based care requires more focus on care management and risk-based contracts. Adopting modern technology is the key to supporting these needs quickly, and without disruption,” said Mark Weber, Infor Healthcare senior vice president. “Infor Cloverleaf is highly regarded by customers for its adaptability to simplify the healthcare infrastructure, which is critical in times of unprecedented change.”

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