Zofri Chooses Infor WMS as its Warehouse Management System

Zofri port Chile shipping containers

Chile-August 24, 2023, 09:00 AM

Zona Franca de Iquique in Chile implements Infor WMS to improve customer service

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IQUIQUE, Chile – Aug. 24, 2023 – Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced that Zofri, Zona Franca de Iquique, will implement Infor WMS warehouse management system to improve customer service, one of the most important performance indicators in the supply chain. The Infor WMS solution will be deployed in the cloud, which is powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services), and will be implemented by Cerca Technology, Infor's partner in Latin America.  

Zofri is one of the most important centers of commerce and industry in South America. It has more than 2,000 companies from various countries operating at its sites, with a wide variety of items available such as electronics, automotive, textiles, and household items, among many others. Zofri and the enormous number of companies operating at its locations contribute more than 45,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

Its operation has five business areas: Zofri Mall, the Wholesale Business Center, Chacalluta Industrial Park in Arica, Zofri Business Park in Alto Hospicio and the Zofri Logistics Center. Zofri Logistics offers outsourced logistics services (3PL) to customers that operate under the free-trade regime, taking care of the process from arrival of the merchandise to the Port of Iquique until its dispatch to the final destination, anywhere in the world.

Zofri’s primary need for a WMS solution is to improve customer service. Previously, the real-time inventory of its clients was unknown, due to the use of multiple warehouses for the storage of merchandise. Therefore, having updated status was a task that demanded a lot of time. In addition, the process of tracking the entry and exit of goods was done manually, which decreased efficiency and created delays.

As a leading logistics operator, Zofri needed a software tool that could help it better manage the flow of goods.

Zofri port Chile shipping containers

"We seek to be more efficient and improve response times to our customers,” said Miguel Perret Paquien, operations manager of Zofri S.A. “We are a top-level company, and we know that Infor WMS is a solution that will live up to our expectations."

Likewise, Felipe Alfaro Pizarro, deputy operations manager of Zofri S.A., stressed, "We had the objective of implementing a software solution that was a leader in the market and that would help us to jointly manage the warehouses, spaces and storage of the different merchandise of our customers."

Zofri’s selection of Infor WMS was based on a thorough technical and strategic evaluation. The company was looking for a solution that was stable and scalable over time, that was a market leader and that would enable it to manage the inventories of all its warehouses. To Zofri, visualizing the warehouse in 3D is a “real plus” capability of Infor WMS. This enabled stakeholders to see a prototype of how the management of orders from its warehouses would be in real time.

"We are very pleased to partner with a logistics operator as important as Zofri, in its strategy to optimize logistics operations,” said Jose Luis Gomes, commercial manager, Cerca Technology. “Zofri has a clear focus on customer service and a very clear vision of how to optimize service and generate greater value for its customers. We will be working together to implement Infor WMS in Zofri's operations, as part of its services and support modernization strategies."

Zofri's goal is to automate its supply chain, and the selection of Infor WMS is a first step in its roadmap. In this first phase, the company will increase efficiency in its processes and improve response times to customers. Additionally, Infor WMS will help the company continue to develop its commercial competitiveness when offering services to companies in the Chilean market.

Alberto Costoya, senior channel sales manager at Infor South Latin America, said, "Infor WMS met Zofri’s requirements, as it is a world-class solution that can be applied to B2B and B2C business models. The solution combines advanced functionalities, data analytics and ease of use, which helps Zofri meet its objective of improving customer service.”

Learn more about Infor WMS.

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About Zofri
The Iquique Free Trade Zone in northern Chile is a service platform to market and facilitate business in the southern cone of Latin America. With almost five decades of operation (48 years), it has a special tax and customs regime, which allows the import, export, storage and marketing of goods with tax and customs benefits. It has the knowledge and experience to deliver to its customers, both wholesale and retail, the best combination of factors, processes and solutions, to meet their needs. Visit www.zofri.cl

About Cerca Technology
Cerca Technology is an Infor partner with more than 30 years of experience implementing more than 300 cutting-edge technology projects for supply chains in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has a presence in more than 15 countries and four corporate headquarters in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and the U.S. With an excellent team of expert logistics consultants, Cerca Technology has successfully implemented more than 220 projects and has more than 80 clients. Visit www.cercatechnology.com/

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