EnRoute – Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software

Enabling dispatchers & first responders to quickly access incident data for safe and accurate responses.
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Modern, intuitive and dynamic public safety solutions

EnRoute software supports Law, Fire and Ambulance agencies. Accessing information at their fingertips and utilizing real-time data with mobile situational awareness to help save lives.

  • Empowering law enforcement agencies by aiding in officer safety and awareness, quickly relaying time-sensitive information, and minimizing redundant data entry
  • Supporting fire/EMS departments by streamlining call entry, promoting efficient dispatching of available resources, and quickly delivering mission-critical information
  • Assisting ambulance companies by recommending appropriate units, improving unit utilization, reducing response times, and simplifying scheduled transport

Best customer service in the industry to preserve public safety

For more than forty years, EnRoute has provided public safety agencies in North America with 911 dispatching, mapping, mobile and interface software. Infor continuously reimagined how enterprise software works with a true focus on the user experience by connecting applications, people, and data to transform officer interactions, productivity, and ultimately citizen safety.

Delivering value to customers when seconds matter

Through powerful Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system


Streamline and accelerate emergency response for time-sensitive situations

Win the race against time

Your law, fire/EMS, and ambulance groups can improve call response times and disseminate critical information accurately and quickly to help better protect your citizens and responders.

Multi-dimensional recommendations

Recommendations offering hundreds of dynamic variables allowing agencies to prioritize and take into account recommendation conditions that meet the most complicated situations and responses.

Maximize interoperability

Multiple data sources with tightly integrated information shared between internal and external agencies. Allowing for seamless display of the information in CAD, Mapping, Web and Infor’s mobility solutions to maximize collaboration and data sharing.

Tactical and Strategic Data Visualization

See and use your data with dynamic displays to monitor activity in real-time with immediate situational awareness.

Efficiency and speed of information

Robust configurability that helps agencies tailor their responses assisting in getting the right resources to your citizens when seconds matter.

Access to latest technology

Modern, easy-to-use applications with next generation mapping, automation, navigational tools and cloud availability with minimal agency maintenance.

EnRoute Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) & Mobile

Effortlessly integrate with various applications and third-party products, facilitating seamless connectivity between agencies and people with all the necessary information. This enhanced connectivity boosts productivity and enables agencies to rapidly respond with the appropriate personnel and resources with automated reporting.

  • Seamlessly integrated
  • Powerful interfaces to improve processes 
  • Automate dispatch, manage incidents, effective mobile communication
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Dynamic GIS components
  • Advanced profile management allowing multiple levels of user access and permission management to allow for varying degrees of user enablement

Enhanced Mobility

Leverage forefront technology and mobile devices in an ever-changing world to provide mobile access to mission critical information while your resources are in the fields.

  • Advanced access from the field to information such as preplans, fire hydrant locations and 911 spill data
  • Improve accuracy, deliver better and faster responses and empower officers to focus on the present situation
  • Perform at higher levels of reliability, quality, and safety without needing more resources
  • Keep your agency service in step with widely adopted technology trends and broaden emergency services availability for citizens in dangerous circumstances

AVL, mapping and integration

Agencies can be equipped for present and future requirements with the help of comprehensive solutions that are designed to integrate seamlessly.       

  • AVL tracking via multiple GPS devices enables efficient dispatching, resource allocation, and enhances situational awareness for effective emergency response and coordination
  • Mapping provides visual representations of geographic data, enabling better resource allocation, incident response and informed decisions improving time management across your agencies
  • With agnostic integration capabilities, agencies have access to a wide range of specialized tools, data sources, and technologies, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance information sharing

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