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Infor Nexus Control Center

Enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility and intelligent control

Supply chain visibility and intelligent control

Infor Nexus™ Control Center is a supply chain control tower built upon Infor Nexus, a single instance, multi-tenant, multi-enterprise business network. Control Center offers enhanced, real-time visualization of the end-to-end supply chain, predictive insights, intelligent decision support, and collaborative execution. This solution improves supply chain velocity, agility, and responsiveness.

End-to-end visibility

Real-time, end-to-end visibility of supply chain flows

Network monitoring

Continuous observation of demand, products, and orders across all network locations

Predictive insights

Machine learning-based insights into what is happening and what is predicted to happen

Intelligent decision support

In-context information and prescriptive resolution options

Collaborative execution

In-network collaboration and swift resolution through connected processes

In today’s fast-moving supply chains, it’s not enough to know where inventory resides. Supply chain leaders need advanced visibility and predictive intelligence that informs day-to-day decisions to identify and mitigate potential problems early in the cycle, thereby protecting revenue and maximizing margins.


Real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility

  • Single source of the truth for internal and external parties
  • Enhanced visualization of product and logistics flows
  • In-memory processing to provide up-to-date status

Predictive insights to supply chain events

  • Machine learning-based algorithms leverage network-wide data to predict late shipments and stock outages
  • Proactive alerting to situations that require action
  • Separate actional signals from background noise and actions that can be ignored

Intelligent decision support

  • Aggregation of common-cause situations
  • Alerts presented in-context with impact to orders, shipments, and customers
  • Predictive analytics allow for minimized impact to delays

Swift, collaborative execution

  • Collaboration in-network with internal and external parties
  • Initiate new actions or updates to existing plans from Control Center
  • Instantly update all parties with updates or the status of orders, shipments, and products

Productivity by the numbers


years of network data


connected parties

50 times

rate that supply chains change per second

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