Infor Nexus Procure-to-Pay Automation

Reduce costs, gain visibility, optimize collaboration, and improve supplier performance

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Procure to Pay built for Direct Procurement

Infor Nexus streamlines the Procure-to-Pay process for direct procurement, creating a single version of the truth across your supply chain. By automating document creation, PO management, and invoice approvals, Infor Nexus streamlines processes, reduces costs, increases cash flow visibility, and improves supplier performance.

  • Global partner onboarding and support
  • End-to-end automation, including payment
  • Automated document matching and invoice approval
  • Integrated chargeback management
  • Community of logistics and financial service providers

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Order collaboration and management

Customer success

The partnership between Infor Nexus and Crocs began with the simple objective of cost savings and ease of doing business for Crocs, which led them to Infor Nexus Procure-to-Pay.

Today, 99.9% of all Crocs’ invoices from their suppliers are completely paperless and processed through the Nexus platform.

This huge transformation to their PO process allowed Crocs to grow massively as a business, more than doubling their supplier base within 5 years, whilst adding 0 Full Time Employee headcount in the three years after implementation despite company and portfolio growth.

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Order Management & Collaboration

Enhance order transparency, streamline procurement, prevent stock-outs, and ensure seamless ERP data integration for informed collaboration and alignment among stakeholders.

  • Improve efficiency and agility with a unified view of orders across network partners
  • Promote effortless purchase order confirmations and collaboration compressing approval times and ensuring greater accuracy
  • Address delays more promptly and assure supply through enhanced visibility and confirming supplier orders.
  • Integration of real-time data with ERP systems enhances the accuracy of available-to-promise (ATP) dates
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Accounts Payable Automation

Optimize invoice approvals with timely alerts, ensure document accuracy for prompt payments, automate document generation, and achieve cost saving and increased productivity through streamlined accounts payable processes.

  • Enhanced efficiency in payment authorization and timely notification of discrepancies streamline AP processes.
  • Automated creation and delivery of documents optimize workflow speed and accuracy and increase productivity.
  • Exception-based document verification focuses resources where needed most, enhancing accuracy and reducing manual effort.
  • N-way matching of documentation facilitates earlier invoice approval and improved visibility to inventory and cash flow

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