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Mastering order-driven manufacturing

Order-driven manufacturing is complex enough and companies don't want to guess every time they quote a price on a job. Manufacturers need to see at a glance the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in the organization, so that they can manufacture at a level of speed and efficiency that makes the best use of the resources they have. Infor VISUAL® lets manufacturers stop guessing so they can start delivering consistently profitable results. VISUAL delivers a complete, end-to-end, ERP solution that enables order-driven manufacturing companies to maintain a competitive advantage by delivering quality products on time.

  • Finite or DBR scheduling
  • Estimate, actual, and projected costs
  • Quality management
  • What-if delivery calculation
  • Throughput performance
  • Shop-floor automation

The functionality, technology, and services to take you forward

VISUAL delivers the core functionality you need, with critical information delivered directly to point of use. With ongoing development, innovative technologies, and unmatched security and reliability, Visual is ready to grow with you as your business grows and evolves

Delivering value to customers across industries: Industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, machinery and equipment, medical devices, high tech, and automotive and specialty vehicles

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Our customers make VISUAL the leading manufacturing solution for small enterprises

VISUAL has remained true to its VISUAL Manufacturing roots. We’ve adopted the features, flexibility, extensibility, and technology that allow our customers to remain leaders within their industries with the solutions and capabilities they request and need.

  • Shop-floor mobility
  • API toolkit
  • WIP management
  • Quality management
  • Performance management
  • Deployment options
  • Finite scheduling
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope scheduling
  • Manufacturing Window™

On-time delivery

Increase production throughput, margins, and customer satisfaction with VISUAL’s patented Engineering Master and Production Scheduler. Secure shop-floor capacity with “what-if” scheduling models and communicate reliable delivery dates to your customers.

Shop-floor automation

Gain complete visibility of work schedules within a paperless environment, with real-time reporting of attendance, direct and indirect labor, material transactions, and work-in-process logistics on mobile smart devices.

Work-order costing

Leverage detailed, actual cost breakdown comparisons with roll up through all levels of production and final cost projection. Immediately identify cost variances to budgets that affect margin or selling price to your customers.

Performance analytics

Utilize built in, user-definable analytics for a holistic view of your operation with complete drill-down to the lowest level of transactional detail for root-cause analysis.

Quality management

Bring control, consistency, predictability, and audit confidence to your product lifecycle and supply management activities. Deliver products to market faster with superior quality performance.


Efficiently manage growth (whether it’s organic or through acquisitions) with VISUAL’s multi-entity, multisite, and multicurrency functionality, including cross-selling, consolidation, independent planning, and scheduling by site.

Maximize Revenue and Increase Profits

Maximize revenue and increase profit margins

Increase profit margins by eliminating non-value events, improve time to delivery, and maximize throughput, while not jeopardizing product quality.

  • Create throughput data for an unlimited number of schedule simulations
  • Obtain accurate measurements of absolute profit contribution
  • Graph throughput inquiries at a daily, weekly, or monthly level
  • View an audit trail that reliably identifies potential resource and material bottlenecks (both primary and secondary)
Automating the shop floor

Automate the shop floor

Streamline all aspects of your production operations. Reduce paperwork, suppress foot traffic, improve data inaccuracy, and eliminate data latency by transformation and mobilization of the shop floor.

  • Gain a dynamic view of the production schedule by resource, work cell, and department
  • Access all work-order drawings, build specifications, and related document attachments
  • Retrieve in-process inspection plans, capture all in-process measurements, and automatically create non-conformance alerts and downstream corrective actions
  • Capture attendance, labor, and material in real time for instantaneous production schedule update and customer order status
  • Label material as it’s received, picked, and moved in-process for complete automation and visibility of work-in-process
Pulse of the organization

Gauge the pulse of the organization

See a thumbnail view of business performance via VISUAL’s dashboard, with complete drill-down to supporting documents and transactional data for quick analysis and corrective action.

  • Create multiple dashboards and deploy them to end users based on their role within the organization
  • Utilize predefined database analytics and grids or create those specific to your business needs
  • Highlight discrepancies with complete drill-down to source data for quick analysis
end to end quality management

Deliver end-to-end quality management

Establish, track, and manage every engineering activity and supply chain expectation across all aspects of your business, while supporting business growth and profitability goals.

  • Centralize the location, change history, and document audits for electronic and physical documents
  • Provide supplier, customer, and employee audit management
  • Leverage inspection plans, FMEAs, and control plans
  • Utilize nonconformance and corrective actions
  • Use preventive maintenance and device calibration processes

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