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Data liquidity for your FHIR ecosystem

The demand for modern data exchange in healthcare, combined with government regulations in the Cures Act, have driven the need for easy and immediate access to patient data. To help meet this need, HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) has unleashed a new approach to interoperability that focuses on care coordination, patient engagement, population management, and clinician satisfaction. With Infor FHIR Server, healthcare organizations can leverage data access, native to FHIR, to orchestrate workflows and make patient data available on demand and at the point of care.

Access data across your clinical network

Infor® FHIR Server acts as a clinical data access point across your organization. With our Cloverleaf® Integration Suite of products, you can extend your existing, legacy data sources to Infor FHIR Server. You’ll be able access and work with legacy data via new, innovative applications and services.

Beyond a typical FHIR server

In general terms, a FHIR server is any software that implements the HL7 FHIR standard by using FHIR resources to exchange data. A FHIR server provides storage for data and a way to access that data. Data access is provided by modern HTTP interaction, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting resources. Searching is also a key component of a FHIR server, allowing applications to retrieve the appropriate data based on workflow parameters. Infor FHIR Server goes well beyond the minimum capabilities of a typical FHIR server.

Overcoming complexity

Complexity is an inescapable aspect of exchanging data in a healthcare setting. Data is usually scattered across multiple disparate systems, legacy technologies are often still prevalent, and security best practices can be difficult to maintain. Access—Gain access to the complete set of data available on a patient. Legacy technologies coexist with modern applications, requiring a complex translation strategy between old and new data. Infor FHIR Server provides comprehensive access to innovative applications with a modern user experience. In addition, FHIR Server can be coupled with Infor FHIR Bridge to provide access to legacy data as well. FHIR Bridge maps legacy data types to and from FHIR Server, making that data accessible via modern applications and services.

Data source visibility—Manage complexity by keeping track of where data comes from. Patient data can be derived from a variety of sources, such as internally generated, patient generated, or generated by an external facility. Some of this data may be duplications or even represent conflicts. Keeping track of data provenance and enabling a tier of trust is an important part of managing data. Infor FHIR Server tracks data provenance on all data that’s sent to the server.

Security controls—Ensure that patient data is easily accessible at the point of care, but only for those users and applications that are properly authorized. Keeping data safe from malicious intent, while granting data access to those who really need it requires complex security. Authentication, access, encryption, and audit logging are all key elements in achieving secured data. Infor FHIR Server incorporates all aspects of security controls to deliver peace of mind.

Infor FHIR Server provides:

Meeting today’s needs with future-thinking tools

As a key component of the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, Infor FHIR Server delivers a fast, cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations to realize better healthcare delivery, care coordination, and patient engagement through digital innovation made possible with HL7 FHIR.

Infor FHIR Server granular control:

  • Set default for XML or JSON
  • Enforce referential integrity
  • Force validation
  • Set logical IDs
  • Turn on/off bulk data export
  • Enable subscriptions
  • Disable support for specific resources
  • Configure paging
  • Disable complex searches

Move into the digital age

Infor FHIR Bridge, combined with Infor FHIR Server lets you take advantage of today’s digital innovations and engagement by allowing you to use FHIR the way you choose. With Infor FHIR Server and FHIR Bridge, you can:

  • Further extend your EHR and clinical systems’ FHIR and API capabilities
  • Streamline care coordination by providing the right amount of needed in formation to providers and patients
  • Expedite your organization’s digital transformation, while utilizing your existing clinical systems connected to an innovative, FHIR-based ecosystem

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