Clarify outbound flows: Boost on-time deliveries, reduce information gaps

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Command your outbound supply chain: Track every mile, delight every customer.


Beyond tracking shipments, order visibility monitors each order while it goes down the fulfillment line. However, the supply chain complexity rises with multiple orders and partial deliveries. As more stakeholders and real-time data are involved, item-level visibility provides operational control, enabling timely deliveries and quicker turnaround time in unexpected disruptions.

Watch this video  to learn about the importance of outbound visibility, and how a supply chain management solution helps in: 

  • Boosting your supply chain's agility with direct shipping and automated cross-docking. 
  • Minimizing disruptions in order fulfillment with real-time inventory view across all tiers. 
  • Providing accurate delivery estimates to establish clear expectations for customers, thus building brand trust.

order and item visibility have evolved to become indispensable components of modern supply chains. They offer detailed insights, streamline decision-making, and empower organizations to meet customer demands effectively. As companies continue to navigate the complexities of global supply chains, investing in order visibility solutions will be crucial to staying competitive and responsive in an ever changing marketplace.

Listen to this enlightening conversation between Infor supply chain experts Heidi Benko and Richard van der Meulen.


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