Webinar: Streamlining education with cloud solutions

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Past Webinar

How two K-12 school districts are driving operational excellence


In this webinar, educational leaders from Boulder Valley School District and Hillsborough County Public Schools share their experiences and strategies for adopting multi-tenant cloud solutions. Discover the challenges, benefits, and future of cloud technology in “Streamlining Education: How Two K-12 School Districts Are Driving Operational Excellence.” 

Topics covered include:

  • How to overcome pre-adoption challenges of transitioning from single-tenant to multi-tenant cloud solutions
  • Maximizing benefits and cost savings through improved time tracking, productivity, and resource management
  • Implementing change management with effective communication strategies and data security compliance 

Sponsors: eRepublic


Bill Sutter
Chief Financial Officer, Boulder Valley School District 
With over 20 years of experience in budget planning and management in public education, Bill Sutter is a senior executive with broad experience in governmental budget planning as well as ERP system implementations and upgrades.

Rick Laneau
General Manager, Information Technology, Hillsborough County Public Schools
With over 25 years of IT expertise in public education, Rick Laneau oversees IT operations, project management, and ERP implementations, driving technological advancements and strategic IT initiatives for school districts.

Pam Hendriksen
Solution Consultant, Infor
Pam Hendriksen has over 15 years of   experience in the payroll and accounts payable department of public schools. Now, she uses her industry experience as a Solution Consultant for Infor Public Sector, providing key insights and guidance for public education.

Dr. Monica Goldson
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government 
Dr. Monica Goldson is a former CEO and   educator. During her 32-year career, she held numerous leadership roles, including principal, associate superintendent, and COO. Dr. Goldson is renowned for her commitment to integrating technology in K-12 education. 

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