Maximizing the value of a technology investment

The true realization of business value from a software investment is related to the speed with which end-users embrace new systems and processes. By combining change strategy, communications, organizational readiness, alignment, stakeholder management, and end-user training, Infor Transformation Services ensure that our customers are fully empowered to gain maximum value from their solutions. Tailored solutions range from full-time organizational change management and end-user training resources, to packaged offerings. Infor can support organizations of all sizes with the exact vision and offering to ensure that transformation and innovation can thrive before, during, and after a specific initiative.

Infor Transformation Services offers an Infor Organizational Change Management (OCM) Launch Pack—a robust set of change management tools to use before and during implementation, as well as a workshop to start the change initiative off on the right foot and strongly sustain it, through “go live” and beyond.

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Infor Transform events

Infor Transform is an interactive two-day event that offers business and IT leaders the opportunity to think boldly about the opportunities that digital transformation enables while also helping them to prepare diligently for the organizational and change management challenges that go hand in hand with innovation.

New York City, NY, United States | Nov 7-8, 2018
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London, United Kingdom | March 2019
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Manage training and support materials with Infor UAP

Infor’s User Adoption Platform (UAP) is a powerful system to author and manage unique content, as well as record keystrokes and process flows to instantly create custom learning content. Infor UAP directly reflects the end-user experience with new technology, as well as how to navigate through business processes and procedures. Authors can rapidly create and publish everything from procedural documents, to simulations, to eLearning courses. Infor UAP provides both current and future employees the knowledge and sustainability they need to master new applications, helping to maximize ROI on a technology investment. Infor UAP enables users based on their daily roles, and helps eliminate the need to ever ask “how to” again. Efficient, effective, smartly embedded roles based learning. That’s the organizational transformative power of Infor UAP.

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