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Advanced Analytics

Empowering data-driven organizations with business intelligence, analytics, and data science

Powerful industry analytics and AI-enabled insights

Get more out of analytics than just a dashboard. Advanced Analytics from Infor® comprise best-in-class business intelligence, artificial intelligence, process intelligence, predictive insight on talent, and location-based intelligence capabilities, so you can create a more data-driven organization.

Key capabilities

Industry analytics

  • Take advantage of industry and role-specific data models and analytics
  • Utilize all styles of business analytics from reports to data discovery
  • Monetize data by sharing analytics with customers, partners, and suppliers

Enterprise artificial intelligence

  • Leverage out-of-the-box industry skills
  • Build skills without any coding experience
  • Access tools via web browsers, Amazon® Alexa™ devices, or the Infor Go mobile application

Talent Science®

  • Create comprehensive, predictive assessments for hiring and development
  • Leverage deep, yet easy-to-understand talent insights
  • Explore in-depth analysis of team behavioral characteristics

Intelligent process automation

  • Take advantage of visual process modeling
  • Utilize decision routing based on predictions
  • Create new smart processes and solutions

Location based intelligence

  • Automatically identify interactions between staff, patients, medical equipment, and locations
  • Provide visibility into patient and staff workflows leveraging RTLS technology
  • Utilize real-time intelligence into the location and status of mobile medical equipment

Delivering value in the cloud

Advanced analytics with a native cloud multi-tenant architecture means you can scale economically on-demand—both in terms of users and data volumes. It means a faster time to value and the very lowest cost of ownership, while taking advantage of world-class security and reliability.

Comprehensive expertise

Today, no other company can offer every one of these advanced analytics solutions with a unique focus on industry analytics like Infor can.

Business intelligence

Infor Birst® business intelligence solutions connect data across the enterprise to drive smarter decision-making, while also enabling you to build scalable analytic applications for your customers. Birst’s unique approach to BI and analytics helps improve profitability, reduce costs, increase revenues, and monetize data to transform how your organization works.

  • Leverage industry analytics
  • Experience a modern data architecture
  • Enjoy an adaptive user interface
  • Monetize data
  • Take advantage of white labelling and powerful APIs

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Advanced insights

Infor's advanced insights technology can help you ensure that you put the right talent in the right roles by leveraging behavioral and performance data. AI-technology can create a user experience powered by voice and discover predictive insights in enterprise data while intelligent process automation fuses machine learning insights into its integration and BPM engine.

  • Access deep, yet easy-to-understand insights
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box industry skills
  • Build machine learning models as business users
  • Leverage visual process modeling
  • Utilize decision routing based on predictions

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Location based intelligence

Infor Location Based Intelligence is an interoperable software platform for health systems, hospitals, and clinics leveraging real-time location systems (RTLS). This healthcare-specific solution provides real-time visibility into the movement and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients. Location Based Intelligence partners with the top RTLS hardware technology to provide the greatest value and most comprehensive solution to meet client needs.

  • Monitor staff and patient safety
  • Utilize workflow management
  • Access compliance monitoring and measurement
  • Oversee asset management
  • Provide staff back-up

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