Infor Supply Chain

Infor Supply Chain

The Networked Supply Chain

The future belongs to networked companies

Total network orchestration is the highest and most sophisticated state a global supply chain can attain. Networked companies win because they’re agile, fast, and efficient. They’re the first to sense and the first to respond to events, the right way. That’s operational excellence.  Infor supply chain solutions combine advanced supply chain planning, execution, and finance capabilities with the GT Nexus Commerce Network to help companies achieve the velocity and control needed to compete in today’s rapidly-evolving markets.

Supply chain as a competitive advantage

Infor supply chain solutions connect planning, execution, and financial applications to the GT Nexus Commerce Network, which links partners and processes through a “single source of truth” information model. This unique combination delivers faster actionable insights across the entire supply chain, end-to-end.

The largest network

When 80% of your supply chain data lives with your trading partners, manual processes and one-to-one information sharing models will not work. Infor solutions network together thousands of buyers, suppliers, banks, carriers, and 3PLs together on a single, powerful cloud-based information and application platform that supports more than $500 billion in commerce each year.
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Best-in-class visibility

Visibility is the foundation of supply chain excellence. Internal and external silos must be removed for any supply chain initiative to be successful. Through an advanced cloud-based network, Infor solutions offer end-to-end visibility, so that companies can respond decisively to disruptions, seize opportunities, and orchestrate and fulfill demand from anywhere in the supply chain.


Modern Supply Chain Applications
Intelligent supply chain applications

Infor’s intelligent supply chain applications automate key processes from planning, through execution, to final settlement.  Advanced algorithms, optimization engines, and machine learning turn data, from across the value chain, into actionable insights and prescribe better decisions.  Integrated execution allows users to easily turn plans into action.



Supply chains across different industries have unique characteristics. But they all face certain common challenges – rapidly evolving customer demands, volatile markets, unexpected disruptions, and cost pressures. Infor supply chain solutions solve relevant problems in your industry through greater visibility, real-time insights, and best practices from across the world of supply chain.


Today's retail customers have unprecedented choice over what, how, when, and where they buy. As new technology upends retail business models, the best-positioned companies will understand that strong, agile supply chains will play a critical role in fulfilling consumer demand. In a world of always-on commerce, having a responsive supply chain is essential.

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  • Support multi-channel fulfillment using modern DOM and warehouse technologies
  • Shape markets using prescriptive insights and demand sensing
  • Reduce inventory through DC bypass
  • Dynamically allocate inbound inventory
  • Improve speed-to-market with a well-orchestrated supply chain


A year in fashion is no longer four seasons. Top brands now produce as many as 26 distinct collections each year in the race to keep up with customers' swiftly-changing demands. In an increasingly consumer-driven world, fashion brands need deeper insight into the production and movement of goods, ensuring that their new products meet customer expectations – maximizing revenue while preventing excess inventory buildup.

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  • Leverage demand sensing to respond faster to market dynamics
  • Improve on-time delivery through better supplier collaboration
  • Automate packing and labeling at factories to enable direct ship programs
  • Achieve greater agility with postponement
  • Create a healthy, sustainable supply chain through finance


Wholesale distributors face a tough balancing act, maintaining optimal inventory levels while facing thin margins and volatile customer demand.  By leveraging intelligent and responsive planning, warehousing, and transportation technologies, distributors can redefine value to the customer while maintaining operational excellence.

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  • Use segmented strategies to improve service levels while reducing stock
  • Increase utilization of key assets such as inventory, labor, and space
  • Synchronize demand and supply planning in the S&OP process
  • Expand cross-dock, allocation in-transit and direct to customer programs
  • Enable multi-channel fulfillment across networked supply chain

Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry faces a number of supply chain challenges in its effort to deliver safe, high-quality products to consumers around the globe including shelf-life, freshness and waste, supply and asset utilization, shifting consumer expectations, blurring channel lines, and emerging regulations, just to name a few. Demand and supply sensing and balancing can help food & beverage companies maintain the right amount of inventory to meet service level goals while minimizing total costs.

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  • Increase asset utilization and throughput by identifying bottlenecks
  • Simultaneously constrain for capacity, labor, materials, and due date
  • Identify demand shifts and set segmented inventory strategies
  • Optimize supply in time, considering produce, procure, and distribute options"
  • Increase visibility to shipments to for on-time delivery and freshness

High Tech

The high tech industry is diverse—full of specialized manufacturers, components suppliers, and global brands, many with a large retail presence. Products range from high-margin proprietary components, to commodity parts that compete on cost and availability, to electronics that consumers think of as "fashion accessories."  It’s a fast-changing industry. Companies need flexibility across their outsourced partner network to respond swiftly to demand shifts.

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  • Strategically optimize use of constrained supply or other key assets
  • Enable postponement to dynamically align supply and demand
  • Improve new product rollouts and lifecycle supersession
  • Increase visibility and coordination across widely-dispersed networks
  • Coordinate across procurement, production, and distribution options

Industrial Manufacturing

We’re entering a new era of advanced, demand-driven manufacturing that requires innovation and a tight focus on delivering quality products and services to customers, while also controlling costs and inventory. Infor harnesses supply chain data from across the network, providing visibility and insights into orders, production, and inventory so that manufacturers can optimize their supply chains and costs, while ensuring that their customers receive products on-time.

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  • Ensure proper stock levels with complete supply chain visibility
  • Streamline MTO processes to ensure as-promised delivery to customers
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse operations
  • Reduce variability and increase lead times to optimize working capital


Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers deliver complex products in a variety of methods, such as engineer-to-order or configure-to-order, coupled with an increasing amount of service and aftermarket offerings. To achieve profitability these businesses must effectively manage their supply chain to ensure efficiency in inventory management and the effective use of capital.

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  • Increase visibility and collaboration across complex supplier networks
  • Plan and manage inventories to reduce risk and optimize capital
  • Align logistics for complex, multi-component delivery targets
  • Reduce transit-time variability to cut down on expedited freight costs


The global automotive industry is transforming before our eyes. As automakers prepare for an increasingly electric and autonomous future, they are under significant pressure to protect margins and deliver safe, efficient vehicles today. But the supply chain is more complex than ever and efficiently connecting to suppliers and logistics providers s critical. Inventory visibility and up-to-the-moment transport coordination is essential to make just-in-time production effective.

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  • Drive accurate forecasts while optimizing resources across a global network
  • Digitalize warehouse processes for efficiency and visibility
  • Gain network inventory visibility for advanced planning
  • Optimize staging, cross-docking and loading activities
  • Orchestrate logistics service providers, suppliers and carriers


The chemical industry’s asset-intensive operations create many supply chain challenges. Capacity utilization, raw material volatility, waste, sustainability, and regulations create enormous risk if forecasts miss. Market volatility and sequencing requirements further stress resources. Long planning horizons create moving bottlenecks. But synchronizing demand and supply can yield major improvements in service levels and the bottom line.


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  • Increase asset utilization, evaluating dynamic bottleneck resources
  • Plan for multi-stage capacity constraints, sequencing rules, and safety needs
  • Reduce flush costs, downtime, utility expense, waste, and changeovers
  • Synchronize multi-site activity, optimizing time-phased sourcing decisions
  • Leverage visibility and postponement to maximize margins and revenue

Life Sciences

As the life sciences industry doubles down on patient safety, new regulations, expiring patents, and mega mergers are adding uncertainty into the mix. Profitability requires bringing innovation to market by simultaneously improving patient outcomes and driving performance. Customized products are one way to do this, but they increase R&D costs, and stress the supply chain. As the industry expands globally, advanced techniques are needed to meet growth objectives while reducing costs.


  • Reduce working capital requirements with an agile supply chain
  • Synchronize asset utilization to holistically balance cost and service
  • Digitally transform procurement while managing risk and improving cost
  • Optimize distribution networks for better service levels and profitability
  • Improve efficiency and reduce lost sales through inventory visibility

Logistics Services Providers

Logistics Services Providers are expected to deliver more agile solutions in the face of e-commerce growth, shorter timelines to re-position inventory, and increasing globalization. They also need to provide increasingly detailed visibility, order management, and collaboration capabilities to remain competitive.


  • Share global, network-wide visibility across extended supply chains
  • Reduce cost with consolidation and digitalization efficiencies
  • Streamline international complexities with suppliers and logistics
  • Fulfill perfect orders from warehouses at lowest cost-to-serve


Infor Supply Chain products provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning, to execution, to connecting with your entire network of trading partners.  Infor Supply Chain offers the most comprehensive set of solutions to run your supply chain, end-to-end, no matter where you’d like to start.

Blind spots can hide lurking disaster or missed opportunities. It’s important to defuse supply chain disruptions before they hurt your bottom line. With the Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network, you can plug into the digital world of multi-enterprise, global business visibility and collaboration to sense-and-respond better to both demand signals and potential supply disruptions. Faster, smarter collaboration and execution minimizes risks, reduces the need for costly inventory buffers, and improves supply network velocity.

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  • End-to-end visibility to inventory, orders, shipments and costs
  • Dynamic and predictive shipment ETAs
  • Continuous visibility through real-time IoT data
  • Early alerts to inventory problems
  • Rich data analytics that drive continuous improvement

Create agility and grow amidst rising customer expectations and competitive pressures. The Infor Supply Chain Planning suite enables proactive, network-wide synchronization. Modular applications leverage a common platform for end-to-end supply chain planning, or target specific areas of business complexity. Components include Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Inventory Optimization, Production Planning, Manufacturing Scheduling and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

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  • Advanced algorithms that identify optimized, feasible plans
  • Highly configurable, intuitive applications
  • Scenario management for impact awareness
  • Embedded collaborative capabilities across functional silos
  • Constrained analyses that capture operational complexity

Infor Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) enables cross-functional alignment, linking supply and demand. Supply chain and business units collaborate on a regular cadence to identify risks, address shifts and constraints, and support growth. Decisions seamlessly drive supply chain response. An Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform extends the process to financial planning, connecting network nodes for customer engagement and business transformation.

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  • Embedded collaborative and scenario analysis
  • Response planning to operationalize decisions
  • Support of growth initiatives such as new product rollouts
  • Predictive financial analysis and budget reconciliation
  • Highly configurable decision support templates

Infor combines core and advanced warehouse capabilities with embedded labor planning, transportation execution, and 3D visualization in a modern warehouse management system (WMS). Holistically improve fulfillment, integrate value-added services, and eliminate bottlenecks. Simultaneously enhances service levels, inventory management and space utilization, aligning company assets toward growth.

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  • Advanced features include wave management, kitting, flow-through
  • Highly configurable with industry-specific functionality
  • Global product: 14 languages, customers in 40+ countries
  • Contemporary UX: mobile, voice, personalized RF
  • Multi-channel and multi-client fulfillment from single source

Supply Management allows buyers to share and collaborate with multiple tiers of suppliers on plans, forecasts, and commitments on the network, improving responsiveness to dynamic demand. With faster collaboration and automated alerts, companies can proactively balance supply and demand to improve on-time delivery rates and reduce cycle times while reducing inventory costs.

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  • Multi-party and multi-tier collaboration
  • Multi-level information sharing and collaboration
  • Early notice of supply-demand misalignment
  • Track forecast and order performance
  • Supplier packing, labeling, and ASN automation

Procure-to-Pay is fundamental part of any supply chain process.  Yet, automating procure-to-pay remains an overlooked supply chain improvement.  Procure-to-Pay automation on the Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network drastically cuts the procure-to-pay cycle time and provides buyers and suppliers with earlier cash flow visibility.  Negotiate and confirm orders collaboratively, create electronic fulfillment documents, automate invoice reconciliation & approval, and track inventory and payments--all in real-time.

  • Automated business document creation and delivery
  • Multi-level configurable invoice approval workflow
  • Global payment and remittance processing
  • Automated deductions management and chargeback recovery
  • Accelerated invoice approval and optimized payment discounts

By connecting the physical and financial supply chains, the Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network provides a unique opportunity for companies to strengthen their supply chains holistically through finance. Buyers can increase reliability, free up working capital, reduce risk, and cut total supply chain costs by providing suppliers capital throughout the transaction lifecycle, not just at time of approved invoice.  Finance providers already on the network also offer innovative programs where financing eligibility and rates are based on attributes such as buyer-credit, transaction performance or social and environmental sustainability performance.

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  • Early payment (invoice discounting)
  • Pre- and post-exporting financing
  • Payment protection
  • Buyer self-funded or third party funded programs
  • Performance-based financing

GT Nexus Commerce Network Transportation Management lets you take control of your global logistics performance and freight spend across geographies, service providers, business silos, and various TMS systems. Orchestrate transportation flows with your critical partners and service providers through rich platform applications and a worldwide carrier and LSP community. Manage and monitor multi-modal, multi-stop, and multi-party transportation execution.

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  • Track, analyze and control global freight spend
  • Plan and execute multi-modal, multi-stop, multi-party moves
  • Monitor goods in transit with powerful visibility
  • Streamline freight contract bid events and management
  • Centralize shipment tracking, multi-modal rating and global routing

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