Supply Chain Planning (SCP)

End-to-end Planning to Drive Growth

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) balances supply and demand, synchronizing assets to optimize the delivery of product. Modular applications target key areas of complexity while making use of a shared, powerful, end-to-end planning platform. Solutions include Demand Planning and Sensing, Supply Planning, Production Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Together, these optimize inventory, service, and performance.

Supply Chain Planning at a glance

  • Advanced algorithmic constraint-based modeling
  • Configurable scenario and segmentation analyses
  • End-to-end response planning to operationalize results
  • Highly-intuitive user experience and embedded collaboration

Highlights and core functionality

Infor generates a best-fit picture of future demand. A library of algorithmic techniques captures patterns from seasonality and intermittent sales to new products and supersessions. The system can blend models, self-tuning as new data becomes available. Highly configurable, it supports market intelligence overlays, user-defined metrics, and multi-tier hierarchies. With time-phased, segmented forecasts, meaningful shifts are identified sooner, enabling bottom line impact.

Effectively responding to demand requires a comprehensive assessment of possibilities, costs, capacities, and time sensitivities. Feasible plans align growth strategies and service priorities, incorporating distribution, production, and procurement alternatives. Infor’s configurable solution adapts to evolving requirements, looking across sites, balancing assortment and profitability, capturing shelf-life constraints, and identifying the optimal use of assets.

Infor derives a balance between service and responsiveness on one side, and inventory costs and exposure on the other. Algorithmic models capture network demand, supply, and lead-time variability, capacity constraints, and the role of products and markets in the portfolio. Segmentation and scenario analysis drive time-phased safety stock strategy, with service, profit, and risk profiles, amidst shortening lifecycles, broadening assortments, and shifting customer requirements.

Traditional approaches sequentially weigh capacity, distribution, and materials requirement. Infor simultaneously trades off to identify the best use of assets and supply. Generate optimized, time-phased plans, weighing cost, revenue, and priority implications. Coordinate across production sites, lines, and steps. Scenarios examine interdependencies and constraints, sequencing batch and continuous flows. Resulting plans deliver improvements in throughput, profit, and service.

Infor supports S&OP and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) with an intuitive cloud-based solution designed to coordinate collaborative processes. Workflow templates enable stakeholders to perform joint reviews on a regular cadence, aligning operations and the commercial organization, pinpointing key variances and imbalances. Scenario impact analyses guide aligned resolution to capacity constraints, inventory issues, product launch surprises, budgets, and performance shifts.

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Specifically architected to reflect the complexity of retail supply chains, Infor Demand Management provides a comprehensive set of cloud-native, machine-learning solutions that holistically address supply chain needs. Integrated solutions include demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, markdown and replenishment optimization. Harness the power of predictive and prescriptive analyses for retail operations.

Unique capabilities

With mountains of data, constantly changing variables, and unavoidable constraints, supply chain planning is complex. A configurable, modular suite synchronizes your supply chain, from strategy through demand and supply. By creating a unified picture, you can make informed decisions, smarter and faster.

Configurable, Constrained Optimization

Your business is evolving, as are the risks, opportunities, and challenges. Infor ensures highly-configurable modeling that incorporates distinct costs, capacities, rules, demand and supply. The result is feasible supply chain plans that reflect emerging insights and trends.

Integrated Planning
Integrated Planning Platform

While enabling a focus on critical points of pain, Infor also provides a unified suite for end-to-end planning. This includes a common user experience leveraging intuitive workflows, an intermediate data repository to facilitate mapping to external information sources, and in-context analytics.

Networked Planning
Collaborative Networked Planning

Whether improving new product introductions, determining allocation of constrained resources, or driving profitable growth, Infor enables collaborative workflows to synchronize supply and demand. Support various time horizons, from near-term sense and respond planning, to longer-term capacity utilization.

Customer stories

Quimica Amparo

Quimica Amparo

“We have seen some very big benefits as a result of the Infor Supply Chain Planning suite. The increase in forecast accuracy has helped us improve our customer service levels, reduce expenses, and manage our cash flow more effectively. Our partnership with Infor has allowed YPÊ to grow.”
- João Carlos Biarari, Logistics Director, YPÊ (Química Amparo).

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Mundi Pharma


A European network of pharmaceutical companies serving over 120 countries, Mundipharma had a unique set of forecasting and information-sharing challenges. To increase visibility and velocity across their supply chains, they implemented Infor’s integrated Demand Planning due to its functionality, flexibility, and security.

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Cremer S.A.

Cremer S.A. used Infor Supply Chain Planning to make a tactical exercise into a strategic weapon. By forecasting more accurately, variance between supply and demand has been minimized, reducing out-of-stock missed sales and excess inventory holding costs, for a 20% reduction in required working capital.

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