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Personalize experiences, accelerate work, and elevate what’s possible with AI

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Reimagine your work with Infor Industry AI tailored fit for your unique industry challenges

Unleash the potential of your data and drive hyper productivity to futureproof your business using prescriptive, predictive, and generative AI in the flow of work.

Improve efficiency

  • Generate automated process triggers based on specified events or conditions
  • Improved process efficiency and reduced manual processes

Reduce costs

  • Maximize life of assets by predictive analytics on health and maintenance & parts needs
  • Improved asset health, labor efficiency, inventory efficiency

Predict the future

  • Predict future demand based on history and market conditions
  • Improved forecast accuracy leading to inventory cost reduction, and revenue increase

Focus on customers

  • Generate customer insights on what to sell and how to keep them happy
  • Improved customer interaction efficiency and retention, revenue growth

Price to sell

  • Support pricing investment using market drivers and price history
  • Improved pricing analysis to inform market centric pricing

Care about employees

  • Manage your most valuable resource
  • Improved labor efficiency, reduced costs, and increased employee satisfaction and retention

Artificial intelligence solutions accessible for every user, any industry

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Infor GenAI

Unleash productivity with generative AI for Infor CloudSuites. Reimagine efficiency of your everyday tasks and free up time for higher value activities. Tap into the latest generative AI innovations, pre-built to address the specific needs of your industry.

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Infor Augmented Intelligence Service

From initial scope to continuous AI adoption, we partner with you to discover where AI can help improve efficiency, reduce costs,  forecast demand, and drive the business forward, in just 90 days. See how pre-built prescriptive and predictive AI can accelerate decision making – no need to hire in-house AL/ML talent.


Infor OS Platform

Have the flexibility to create custom ML models with full control, available for data scientists and developers. Access an intuitive drag and drop interface to create custom ML workflows, train models, and deploy with ease.  

Customers trust Infor Industry AI to grow their business

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Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer Grosfillex Leverages Infor AI and Automation

See how Grosfillex increased revenue, gross margins, sales productivity, and customer satisfaction with Infor Technology.
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