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We make the difference count
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Investing in your success

If you are passionate about succeeding at work and ready for your next step, we will invest in your success. The focus of our culture is to develop long-term relationships of mutual benefit with our employees, customers and partners. You can fulfil a long career here, make life-long friends and take advantage of benefits to keep you happy, supported and motivated.

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Our people fuel our success

We have some of the world’s most talented people. Not just because they are technologists, designers, developers, sales and marketing professionals, and essential functional business operations staff but because they care about our success and each other. They exhibit virtues and behaviors which go beyond what is on their CV or resume.

We are innovators and entrepreneurs. Dreamers and go-getters. Opportunity makers and boundary breakers. At Infor, we are 17,000+ employees shaping the future for our customers in every industry and region around the world. We’re a values-based community—a global workforce—built on our unique backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives.

If you are curious, creative, conscientious, and collaborative, and you like discovering new solutions to difficult problems, passionately working together in teams, then Infor has a space for you.

Designing your ideal career

You will be presented opportunities to move internally within Infor and also to any of the other Koch companies so that you are constantly learning, and moving forward in your career, on a path to self-actualization. We accommodate flexible and hybrid working so our employees can support their family lives and stay on top of their wellbeing. It’s not just about the skills and experience you bring, but who you are and your values. This is what underpins our culture.

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Our Managers have great opportunity and responsibility

As technology and business-models continually change, our managers know to keep in touch with their teams. You will have the opportunity to have conversations with your direct manager - express your aspirations, challenges, successes, achievements, and share the areas in which you would like to grow.

We foster openness so that we can accelerate our growth with happy employees who are fulfilled at work and supported at home. No idea is a bad idea in Infor, and our challenge culture makes those ideas evolve and improve.

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Integrity is at our core

At Infor, we operate in an environment that is founded in our MBM® Philosophy, a methodology that promotes business practices based on guiding principles which create real, sustainable value for society. We encourage all employees to be curious of others. Integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Our vision is that Infor’s diverse and global workforce is collaborative, innovative and passionate about our customers and Infor. We have a bias towards action and endeavor to break down silos across our teams and our partners to deliver on our promises. Our people seek, share and apply knowledge to generate value for Infor and our customers.

We invest our time in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, and our diversity and inclusion work lays the foundation for this. Every one of our employees is unique and we align work to their strengths, so every employee is valued for their different skills. We actively seek this diversity and hire for originality, promoting inclusive behaviors for optimum team output.

Our Business Resource Groups

Infor's Business Resource Groups are employee-led groups formed around shared backgrounds, experiences, or interests, and they offer opportunities to strengthen community among our employees, attract a diverse pipeline of future talent, and provide a platform for mentoring, skills development, leadership roles, and community and market engagement.

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Business Resource Group

Asians for Infor

Providing a supportive environment where members can connect with key business units, while celebrating the diversity that the global community brings.

In the Community

For Infor, creating value goes far beyond economic performance. It means doing the right thing, in the right way, always, for our customers, our employees, our communities, and our environment.

As an employee, you will have the opportunity to give back to the local communities where you live and work through various charitable and employee focused programs.

Scan our LinkedIn Life Pages today to see how our employees give back to their communities and support each other to do so.

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Volunteer your time

We offer 8 hours paid time off to volunteer towards causes which matter to you. We encourage you to support under-served communities to help them thrive. Check out our social media to keep up to date with our inclusion and community activities.

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Infor Associate Consultant | Shanghai, China

“I love to travel and see different parts of the world, experience new industries and see how they operate. Infor's work style is a perfect fit for my interest."

George Qiao