The Hardworking Heart of America: An Inside Look at the We Supply America Tour Season 3

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September 18, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director

In the heart of America's distribution industry, a remarkable journey unfolds, capturing the essence of dedication, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives this vital sector. The We Supply America Tour, proudly sponsored by Infor, returns for its third season, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the distribution world. Leading this exciting venture is none other than Dirk Beveridge, who serves not only as the tour's executive producer but also takes center stage as its star.

The We Supply America Tour is more than just a documentary series; it celebrates the hard work and commitment that power the American distribution industry. This season, Dirk crisscrosses the nation, visiting distributors from coast to coast to gain an inside look at their operations, challenges, and how they're surmounting them.

Dirk Beveridge, the driving force behind this initiative, has a mission close to his heart: to raise awareness about distribution's critical role and inspire a new generation to join this dynamic industry. He eloquently states on his website, "Distribution is a human story, a tale of authentic pioneers who continually innovate with a belief that anything is possible. It's about those who invest in their people, nurture growth, and execute with unwavering determination. It's your story—the narrative of noble leaders of our generation."

However, the tour doesn't stop at recognition; it aims to showcase the industry's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Distributors are constantly finding novel ways to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and better serve their customers. The We Supply America Tour is here to highlight these groundbreaking innovations and demonstrate how they shape the American economy.

Over the past three years, I've had the privilege of accompanying Dirk on the road as he visits these remarkable family-owned distribution businesses. This year was no different. The night before the tour's next stop, I met Dirk at his campground, and over a barbecue, we discussed the exciting events planned for the following day.

We Supply America - Season 3 - Dirk Will Elevator

Palmer Johnson

Bright and early the following day, I joined Dirk at Palmer Johnson in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Palmer Johnson's story is one of legacy and evolution. Founded in 1918 as Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, the company transitioned into Palmer Johnson Yachts in 1956, crafting world-class sailboats and yachts for six decades. In 1977, a significant diversification effort led to the creation of Palmer Johnson Distributors, now operating from ten different locations across the country.

As Dirk's RV pulled into the Palmer Johnson parking lot, the We Supply America drone, skillfully operated by Jordon Bellamy, soared overhead, capturing captivating footage of the day's events. Dirk received a warm welcome from the Palmer Johnson staff, and behind the scenes, Jordan and Josh Gilligan diligently recorded the moments that would become part of this year's eight feature films. Dirk and his crew explored the facilities, engaging with various team members, and a delightful catered lunch brought everyone together. After a day filled with filming and conversations, Dirk hit the road again, ready for the next stop on the tour.

Nelson Jameson

I continued my journey to northern Wisconsin, where Dirk's RV was parked overnight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. We discussed the plans for the upcoming day, and I returned to the hotel. I joined Dirk at Nelson Jameson in Marshfield, Wisconsin the next day. Established in 1947 by Earl and Ted Nelson, Herb Jameson, and Bob Dougherty, Nelson-Jameson started as a dairy equipment and supply business in Toluca, Illinois, with a vision to become a comprehensive resource for dairy plants. Recognizing the heart of dairy production, they moved operations to Marshfield, Wisconsin, in 1949. Over the years, they expanded, opening branch locations, including one in Green Bay in 1979. Today, NJ's footprint extends to Texas, Chicago, and Pennsylvania, and in 2022, they celebrated their remarkable 75th year of operations.

Midwest Wheel

Dirk then headed west to Davenport, Iowa, to visit long-time Infor customer Midwest Wheel. Midwest Wheel is a 112-year-old company headquartered in Des Moines, IA, with locations in Iowa and Missouri. Midwest Wheel is one of the largest truck parts distributors in the Midwest, carrying a full line of replacement Heavy-Duty Fleet Products, Light Truck Accessories, Light Trailer Products, Commercial Fleet Parts, and School Bus Replacement Parts. On-site with Dirk was Infor VP of Sales Dan Mangan. Dan stated, “It was awesome to hang with Dirk and MWW and the team, learning more about how they transitioned from a family business to employee owned. I really appreciate their use of advanced technology while always keeping their customer and their team members front of mind. Great stuff!”

Graphic Solutions Group

Following that great stop, Dirk headed south to Dallas, Texas, to visit Infor customer Graphic Solutions Group Inc. Some of our Infor distribution team members met up with Dirk for this stop of the We Supply America Tour! Our BDR team chatted with GSG employees and was given a personalized tour of the warehouse and showrooms.

We Supply America - Season 3 - Infor BDR team visit

The We Supply America Tour is more than just a series; it's a journey into the beating heart of American distribution, and it's a testament to the remarkable individuals and companies driving this industry forward. Stay tuned as we uncover inspiring stories, innovative solutions, and the true essence of distribution in the United States.

To follow along with Season 3 of We Supply America, follow Infor Distribution and Dirk Beveridge on LinkedIn for the latest updates. You can also view past episodes here.



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