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August 2, 2023

Did you know that Cloverleaf has version control?  Not only version control, but better locking beyond the standard mechanism.


  • Cloverleaf must be installed.
    • Note: v20.1 or higher is recommended.
  • Basic or advanced security must be installed.
  • Certificates for all users may need to be created if you're not using LDAP.
    • Note: This applies only if Certificates are not automatically created during LDAP setup.

Users can check files in and out using Cloverleaf source and version control.  Notifications are also prompted when a file is checked out.  In addition, version control prevents multiple users from editing the same configuration file.

Check-in can be performed on a single configuration, complete site, or a BOX.  Likewise, a user can replace a current configuration with its previous file using Replace with.  Users may also Discard Change and Discard Check Out, as well as view configuration history with Show History.

Download the Version Control Guide here:

Cloverleaf Version Control Guide

Check out a selection of our upcoming Cloverleaf public training schedule:

 Course Name Location Course Duration
 Cloverleaf: Developing Cloverleaf Networks - Basic  Virtual Americas  40 hours
 Cloverleaf: Developing Cloverleaf Networks - Intermediate  Virtual Americas  40 hours
 Cloverleaf: Developing Cloverleaf Networks - Advanced  Virtual Americas  40 hours
 Cloverleaf: Developing with FHIR Bridge  Virtual Americas  24 hours
 Cloverleaf: Programming with Tool Command Language (TCL)  Virtual Americas  40 hours


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