The “We Supply America Tour” – Celebrating the people and distributors who build America

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July 21, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director

The We Supply America Tour is a cross-country journey celebrating the independent family and employee-owned distributors supporting and employing many of the over six million working in the industry. Founded and hosted by Dirk Beveridge, the tour visits distributors nationwide to hear their stories and learn about their impact on the communities they serve. The tour is a traveling roadshow that celebrates the noble calling of distribution. It has helped raise awareness of distribution’s importance and promote the value of the distributors' work.

Over the past two seasons, Dirk has visited almost 60 unique distribution companies across the United States. At each stop, he meets with employees, hears their stories, and learns about the industry’s challenges and opportunities. He has heard stories of innovation, resilience, and dedication. Dirk takes time to speak to each person individually and listens intently to their story with compassion and empathy. Many have shared personal and tragic stories that have shaped them into who they are today. Several of these stories are featured in the professional features films created each season. The tour has been praised for its inspiring message and ability to connect people from all walks of life.

Each season features films from eight distributors that run between 20 and 25 minutes each. These digital masterpieces are filmed and edited by Jordan Belamy, and Bethany Helper, the tours’ VP of Design and producer, makes all the magic come together. Notable companies include Porter Pipe, Benko Dental, First Supply, and Rocket Industrial, and I have been honored to tag along and experience the magic at several of the tour stops.

The We Supply America tour has promoted several messages about the importance of distribution and the value of the work that distributors do. Some of the key messages that have come from the tour include:

  • Distribution is the backbone of the American economy.
  • Distributors play a vital role in ensuring that businesses and consumers have the products they need.
  • Distribution is a noble calling that provides meaningful work and opportunities for growth.
  • Distributors are a diverse group of people who are committed to serving their communities.
  • Distribution is an exciting and ever-changing industry with a bright future.
  • Distributors must embrace technology to serve their customers and employees.

In 2023, the We Supply America Tour will visit many states and more than 25 distributors. The tour kicked off on May 30th in Smock, Pennsylvania, at COE Distributors and will end on September 1st in Denver, Colorado.

During the tour, Dirk will interview distributors about their businesses, their employees, and their commitment to their communities. He will also share stories about the impact that distributors have on the economy and the lives of their customers.

The We Supply America Tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the people who build America. It is also a chance to celebrate the importance of distribution and the role that distributors play in our economy. Infor is happy to sponsor the We Supply America Tour, championing the Noble Calling of Distribution. In a recent discussion with Dirk, he stated, “One thing that sets these local distributors apart from other organizations is their commitment to reinforcing the humanity of their employees and the dignity of the work they do.”

You can invite Dirk to visit your business if you are a distributor. To learn more about the tour and to sign up for a visit, visit the We Supply America website.

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