How Do the New Features & Enhancements in the Latest CloudSuite Distribution Release Benefit Your Business?

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June 28, 2024By Jessica Stoykewych | Infor CloudSuite Distribution Product Manager

The latest release from Infor provided some great new features and enhancements for CloudSuite Distribution customers.  In the release, Infor continued to show innovation through increased automation and enhancements to user experience, providing for increased productivity, enhanced efficiencies and a better customer experience.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution is an industry-leading distribution ERP that incorporates a suite of fully integrated technologies that support wholesale distributors to manage a variety of business processes required to effectively run their distribution business. New functionality recently released includes enhancements to key processes such as purchasing, credit card processing, accounting, warehouse management, as well as improved reporting and audit capabilities.

It is no secret that the distribution industry is evolving, supply chains are becoming more complex and the technologies required to support distributors must evolve at a faster pace. Users want information at their fingertips and a seamless experience to easily obtain that information. As Infor continues to build best-in-breed technologies, they are continuing to focus on latest industry trends and challenges that distributors face, which includes adapting to the new generation of users that demand the best user experience.

Let’s take a look at how Infor CloudSuite Distribution ERP distribution software is doing this:

What’s better than having all your critical information consumable in one place? An easy, streamlined view of important metrics not only allows businesses to make better business decisions, but also increases the quality of employee work-life, leading to increased productivity.

Vendor 360 Inquiry

The new Vendor 360 Inquiry screen in CloudSuite Distribution gives you a holistic view of vendor-specific information, like Accounts Payables details, vendor KPIs, and vendor performance. The power of having this type of dashboard, which can be made available to employees by specific role, is crucial to properly managing your business. The Vendor 360 Inquiry screen now makes navigating critical information related to vendors significantly easier to streamline actionable processes and react quickly.

Credit Manager Inquiry

CloudSuite Distribution has also made significant improvements to the Credit Manager Inquiry module. Effectively managing relationships with customers is key to achieving success in business. Properly managing one of the largest assets in a business, Accounts Receivable, is arguably one of the most important objectives as it not only maximizes the company’s bottom line but requires effective customer relationship management. As a result of its importance, improvements have been made to the Credit Manager Inquiry and cash collections capabilities, which provides a streamlined user experience, with better search and filter capabilities, and enhanced tooling to capture, share, and execute on critical information.

Product Certificate Management

Distributors typically manage thousands of products varying from hundreds of vendors and manufacturers. A key to successfully managing this large portfolio of products is ensuring that the associated product documentation is up to date, for which automation can greatly help. CloudSuite Distribution is continually presenting new capabilities for distributors to not only efficiently deliver products, but also ensure the required documentation and certifications are available to their customers. This includes indexing of documents as well as defining who the documents need to be delivered to, when they should be delivered, and the customer’s delivery preference. The new Product Certificate Management feature enables CloudSuite Distribution users to easily define document types, associate them to products at the specific product level, and automate the delivery of these documents to the customer.  Automating this process reduces manual intervention, leading to higher productivity, while ensuring the necessary compliance.


As evidence from the new functionality and enhancements now available in Infor’s cloud-based distribution software, Infor continues to keep in tune with the needs of an evolving distribution market.  One important avenue that allows Infor to keep “its ear to the ground” is through its large community of users.  Users participate in a variety of events, forums, and webinars provided by Infor and TUG (  – a community of users and partners who share their knowledge and experience about CloudSuite Distribution and the distribution industry.

Learn more about how Infor helps distributors address their most common business challenges and how CloudSuite Distribution has helped customers streamline operations, increase revenues and stay ahead of the competition. 

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